Society Plural, What is the Plural of Society?

Meaning: the aggregate of people living together

Plural of Society

Singular Plural
society societies

 Synonyms of Society

  • the world at large
  • the public
  • the population
  • the people
  • the general public
  • the community
  • mankind
  • humankind
  • humanity
  • civilization

Society as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Our society needs to address the issue of poverty.
  2. The changes in technology have transformed our society.
  3. The values we uphold shape our society as a whole.
  4. Education plays a crucial role in building a better society.
  5. The government’s policies have a direct impact on society.
  6. We should strive for equality and justice in our society.
  7. The novel explores the flaws and complexities of society.
  8. The artist’s work reflects the struggles of modern society.
  9. The documentary shed light on the challenges faced by our society.
  10. Social media has both positive and negative effects on society.

Society as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Different societies have their own unique customs and traditions.
  2. The conference aimed to promote dialogue among various societies.
  3. The study compared the cultural practices of different societies.
  4. The organization works to improve the well-being of marginalized societies.
  5. The exchange program fosters understanding and cooperation between societies.
  6. The professor’s research focuses on the dynamics of tribal societies.
  7. The development project aims to uplift impoverished societies.
  8. The book explores the historical evolution of democratic societies.
  9. The documentary showcased the resilience of indigenous societies.
  10. The conference brought together representatives from various global societies.

Singular Possessive of Society

The singular possessive form of “Society” is “Society’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Society:

  1. The progress of Society’s is a collective effort.
  2. The values of Society’s influence individual behavior.
  3. The well-being of Society’s is a shared responsibility.
  4. Society’s needs should be prioritized in policy-making.
  5. The development of Society’s is intertwined with technology.
  6. Society’s future depends on the actions of its members.
  7. Society’s success is measured by the well-being of its citizens.
  8. The challenges faced by Society’s require collaborative solutions.
  9. The transformation of Society’s requires adaptive strategies.
  10. Society’s progress is fueled by innovation and inclusivity.

Plural Possessive of Society

The plural possessive form of “Society” is “Societies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Society:

  1. The progress of Societies’ is a global endeavor.
  2. The values of Societies’ shape diverse cultural norms.
  3. The well-being of Societies’ is a shared responsibility across nations.
  4. Societies’ needs should be considered in international policies.
  5. The developments of Societies’ are influenced by global trends.
  6. Societies’ futures depend on the collective actions of their members.
  7. Societies’ success is measured by the overall welfare of their populations.
  8. The challenges faced by Societies’ require collaborative efforts on a larger scale.
  9. The transformations of Societies’ require adaptive approaches in a changing world.
  10. Societies’ progress is fueled by the exchange of ideas and cultural diversity.

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