Halibut Plural, What is the plural of Halibut?

Meaning: a northern marine fish which is the largest of the flatfishe.

Plural of Halibut

Singular Plural
Halibut Halibuts

Halibut as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The halibut was cooked to perfection.
  2. I ordered a grilled halibut for dinner.
  3. The halibut swam gracefully in the ocean.
  4. He caught a massive halibut on his fishing trip.
  5. The chef prepared a delicious halibut
  6. The fresh halibut was on display at the fish market.
  7. She enjoyed a tasty halibut sandwich for lunch.
  8. The restaurant’s specialty was their pan-seared halibut.
  9. The fisherman reeled in a sizable halibut from the sea.
  10. The scent of cooked halibut filled the air.

Halibut as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The fishermen caught several halibut on their trip.
  2. We grilled the fresh halibut for our party.
  3. The market had a variety of different halibut.
  4. They served us delicious fried halibut at the restaurant.
  5. The fishermen brought back a boatload of halibut.
  6. We enjoyed a feast of grilled halibut with friends.
  7. The chef prepared a special recipe using fresh halibut.
  8. The tourists marveled at the size of the caught halibut.
  9. The fishermen shared their stories of catching large halibut.
  10. They offered a discount on the purchase of multiple halibut.

Singular Possessive of Halibut

The singular possessive form of “Halibut” is “Halibut’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Halibut:

  1. Halibut’s flavor is mild and buttery.
  2. The chef prepared Halibut’s fillet with a delicate sauce.
  3. Halibut’s texture is firm and flaky when cooked.
  4. The fisherman caught Halibut’s big catch of the day.
  5. The restaurant served Halibut’s signature dish.
  6. Halibut’s aroma filled the kitchen during cooking.
  7. The recipe called for Halibut’s fillet as the main ingredient.
  8. Halibut’s freshness is crucial for a delicious meal.
  9. The market displayed Halibut’s variety of cuts for sale.
  10. Halibut’s popularity as a seafood choice has increased.

Plural Possessive of Halibut

The plural possessive form of “Halibut” is “Halibuts'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Halibut:

  1. The fishermen brought in Halibuts’ catches from the deep sea.
  2. The restaurant sourced Halibuts’ fresh fish directly from the market.
  3. Halibuts’ availability varies depending on the season.
  4. The chefs created innovative recipes using Halibuts’ fillets.
  5. The market displayed a wide selection of Halibuts’ sizes.
  6. Halibuts’ taste and texture make them popular in seafood dishes.
  7. The customers enjoyed Halibuts’ grilled fish with a side of vegetables.
  8. Halibuts’ scales were shiny and silver.
  9. The recipe called for mixing Halibuts’ flakes with breadcrumbs.
  10. The fishermen cleaned and gutted Halibuts’ before selling them.

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