Jones Plural, What is the plural of Jones?

Meaning: a fixation on or compulsive desire for someone.

Plural of Jones


Jones as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Jones was the owner of the local bakery.
  2. The famous artist, Ms. Jones, held an exhibition.
  3. The author, Mrs. Jones, published a best-selling novel.
  4. Jones was known for his exceptional piano skills.
  5. The judge, Judge Jones, presided over the court case.
  6. The entrepreneur, Mr. Jones, founded a successful company.
  7. Jones was a respected professor at the university.
  8. The politician, Senator Jones, delivered a powerful speech.
  9. The detective, Detective Jones, solved the mysterious crime.
  10. Captain Jones led the expedition to uncharted territories.

Jones as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The Joneses were a prominent family in the community.
  2. The Joneses hosted an elegant dinner party at their mansion.
  3. The neighbors admired the beautiful garden of the Joneses.
  4. The Joneses donated generously to local charities.
  5. The Joneses were known for their extravagant lifestyle.
  6. The children of the Joneses attended prestigious schools.
  7. The Joneses traveled frequently to exotic destinations.
  8. The annual block party was organized by the Joneses.
  9. The community respected the philanthropy of the Joneses.
  10. The achievements of the Joneses were recognized in the local newspaper.

Singular Possessive of Jones

The singular possessive form of “Jones” is “Jones’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Jones:

  1. Jones’s car is parked outside.
  2. She borrowed Jones’s book for the weekend.
  3. Jones’s house is undergoing renovations.
  4. The responsibility falls on Jones’s shoulders.
  5. I met Jones’s dog at the park.
  6. The key to Jones’s office is missing.
  7. We attended Jones’s party last night.
  8. Jones’s opinion carries a lot of weight.
  9. The decision is in Jones’s hands.
  10. Can I use Jones’s laptop for a moment?

Plural Possessive of Jones

The plural possessive form of “Jones” is “Joneses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Jones:

  1. I saw the Joneses’ new car in the driveway.
  2. The Joneses’ children are talented musicians.
  3. We were invited to the Joneses’ housewarming party.
  4. The painting belongs to the Joneses’ collection.
  5. The neighbors admired the Joneses’ garden.
  6. We attended the Joneses’ wedding anniversary celebration.
  7. The vacation was funded by the Joneses’ savings.
  8. The dispute involved the Joneses’ property line.
  9. The Joneses’ dog barks every morning.
  10. The charity event received a generous donation from the Joneses’.

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