Underwear Plural, What is the Plural of Underwear?

Meaning: a piece of underclothes

Plural of Underwear

Singular Plural
underwear underwear

Underwear as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She bought a new pair of comfortable underwear.
  2. He realized he was wearing mismatched underwear after changing.
  3. The store had a sale on designer underwear.
  4. She accidentally dropped her underwear in the laundry room.
  5. He felt embarrassed when he realized his underwear was showing.
  6. The doctor recommended wearing cotton underwear for better hygiene.
  7. She packed her favorite lace underwear for the trip.
  8. He quickly changed his wet underwear after swimming.
  9. The shop had a wide selection of men’s underwear.
  10. She folded the clean underwear and placed it in the drawer.

Underwear as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She bought several pairs of new underwear for her vacation.
  2. He always buys his underwear in bulk to save money.
  3. They donated their old underwear to a local shelter.
  4. The store offered a discount on women’s underwear.
  5. She packed enough clean underwear for the entire week.
  6. The laundry basket was filled with dirty underwear.
  7. They sorted the different colors of underwear into separate drawers.
  8. He realized he forgot to pack his underwear while on a trip.
  9. The shop displayed a wide range of men’s underwear
  10. They exchanged practical jokes by swapping their underwear.

Singular Possessive of Underwear

The singular possessive form of “Underwear” is “Underwear’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Underwear:

  1. I folded Underwear’s delicate lace trim.
  2. Underwear’s fabric was soft against the skin.
  3. The label showed Underwear’s brand name.
  4. I sorted Underwear’s colors in the drawer.
  5. Underwear’s size determined the fit.
  6. The laundry detergent freshened Underwear’s scent.
  7. I packed Underwear’s in my suitcase.
  8. Underwear’s elastic band provided support.
  9. I replaced Underwear’s worn-out pairs.
  10. Underwear’s comfort was a priority.

Plural Possessive of Underwear

The plural possessive form of “Underwear” is “Underwears'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Underwear:

  1. I bought different underwears’ styles and sizes.
  2. I organized the underwears’ by color in the drawer.
  3. The store displayed various underwears’ brands.
  4. I washed the underwears’ separately.
  5. The fabric softener enhanced the freshness of the underwears’.
  6. I sorted the clean underwears’ into different piles.
  7. The packaging showed the care instructions for the underwears’.
  8. I donated the old underwears’ to a charity.
  9. The hampers were filled with clean underwears’.
  10. I folded the underwears’ neatly before putting them away.

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