Cost Plural, What is the Plural of Cost?

Meaning: the outer layer of the cerebrum (the cerebral cost).

Plural of COST

Singular Plural
Cost Costs


  • amount
  • charge
  • price tag
  • rate
  • damage
  • expenditure
  • figure
  • outlay
  • payment

Cost as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The cost of living in the city was high.
  2. The company calculated the production cost of the new product.
  3. The project manager estimated the cost of completing the construction.
  4. The customer was concerned about the cost of the service.
  5. The accountant analyzed the financial cost of the business operation.
  6. The doctor explained the potential health cost of a sedentary lifestyle.
  7. The salesperson discussed the cost of the product with the customer.
  8. The government implemented measures to reduce the cost of healthcare.
  9. The homeowner considered the long-term maintenance cost of the property.
  10. The traveler compared the cost of different transportation options.

Cost as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The costs of running a business include salaries, rent, and utilities.
  2. The company analyzed the fixed and variable costs to determine profitability.
  3. The budget accounted for all project-related costs.
  4. The government assessed the social costs of implementing new policies.
  5. The financial report outlined the operating costs of the company.
  6. The manager requested a breakdown of the production costs.
  7. The consultant provided an estimate of the potential costs and benefits.
  8. The company aimed to reduce overhead costs to improve efficiency.
  9. The investors evaluated the potential risks and costs before making a decision.
  10. The economic study analyzed the environmental costs of industrial pollution.

Singular Possessive of Cost

The singular possessive form of “Cost” is “Cost’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Cost:

  1. We need to analyze the project’s Cost’s breakdown.
  2. Cost’s impact on profitability should be assessed.
  3. The report highlights the client’s Cost’s expectations.
  4. Cost’s estimation requires careful consideration of all factors.
  5. The team assessed the risks associated with Cost’s fluctuation.
  6. We should minimize the project’s Cost’s without compromising quality.
  7. Cost’s reduction should be a priority for the company.
  8. We need to justify the client’s Cost’s components.
  9. Cost’s allocation should be based on project priorities.
  10. The management team discussed the project’s Cost’s implications.

Plural Possessive of Cost

The plural possessive form of “Cost” is “Costs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Cost:

  1. We need to consider all the projects’ Costs’ before making a decision.
  2. Costs’ impact on the budget needs to be evaluated.
  3. The team analyzed the clients’ Costs’ expectations.
  4. We should identify the factors driving Costs’ increase.
  5. Costs’ allocation should be optimized for maximum efficiency.
  6. The report highlights the projects’ Costs’ breakdown.
  7. We must monitor the market for any changes affecting Costs’.
  8. Costs’ reduction requires careful planning and execution.
  9. The company aims to control the projects’ Costs’ effectively.
  10. We need to justify the clients’ Costs’ components to gain approval.

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