Insured Plural, What is the plural of Insured?

Meaning: an arrangement by which a company.

Plural of Insured

Singular Plural
Insured Insureds

Insured as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The insured was relieved when the claim was approved.
  2. The insured received a payout from the insurance company.
  3. The policyholder submitted the necessary documents as an insured.
  4. The insured carefully read the terms and conditions of the policy.
  5. The insurance agent explained the benefits to the prospective insured.
  6. The company offered a range of coverage options to the insured.
  7. The insured filed a complaint regarding the claim process.
  8. The policy protected the insured against financial loss.
  9. The insured reviewed the policy renewal options.
  10. The insurance company provided assistance to the insured.

Insured as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The insurance company processed claims for multiple insured.
  2. The insured were eligible for certain discounts.
  3. The company offered various benefits to its insured.
  4. The claims adjuster handled the cases for several insured.
  5. The insurance company assigned dedicated agents to each insured.
  6. The insured received regular updates about their policies.
  7. The company provided customer service for all its insured.
  8. The insured were satisfied with the coverage and service.
  9. The insurance company rewarded loyal insured with bonuses.
  10. The annual report highlighted the company’s growth in insured.

Singular Possessive of Insured

The singular possessive form of “Insured” is “Insured’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Insured:

  1. The policy outlines the insured’s coverage.
  2. The claim process requires the insured’s cooperation.
  3. The insurance agent explained the insured’s options.
  4. The accident affected the insured’s vehicle.
  5. The damages will be paid to the insured’s account.
  6. The documents contain the insured’s personal information.
  7. The adjuster reviewed the insured’s policy terms.
  8. The coverage extends to the insured’s dependents.
  9. The letter confirms the insured’s claim approval.
  10. The insured’s signature is required for verification.

Plural Possessive of Insured

The plural possessive form of “Insured” is “Insureds'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Insured:

  1. The company provides benefits to its insureds’ families.
  2. The policyholders’ association advocates for the insureds’ rights.
  3. The insurer sent notifications to all affected insureds’.
  4. The database stores the insureds’ policy details.
  5. The claims adjusters handle multiple insureds’ cases simultaneously.
  6. The company offers discounts to loyal insureds’.
  7. The customer service team assists the insureds’ inquiries.
  8. The company values its insureds’ feedback.
  9. The policyholders’ meeting addresses the insureds’ concerns.
  10. The privacy policy protects the insureds’ information.

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