Anniversary Plural, What is the plural of Anniversary?

Meaning of Anniversary

The meaning of Anniversary is; the date on which an event took place or an institution was founded in a previous year.

Singular and Plural of Anniversary

The plural of Anniversary is anniversaries.

Singular Plural
Anniversary Anniversaries

Anniversary as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with a romantic trip.
  2. The couple exchanged heartfelt gifts on their anniversary.
  3. The company commemorated its founding anniversary with a special event.
  4. The anniversary of their first date holds sentimental significance.
  5. The family gathered to celebrate their parents’ golden anniversary.
  6. The couple shared a toast on their 25th anniversary.
  7. The organization marked its 50th anniversary with a gala dinner.
  8. The couple reminisced about their memorable moments on their anniversary.
  9. The company recognized employees’ work anniversaries with awards.
  10. The anniversary party featured a slideshow of their journey together.

Anniversary as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The couple celebrated their wedding anniversaries with yearly traditions.
  2. The company acknowledged employees’ long-service anniversaries.
  3. The organization plans to host a series of events for its milestone anniversaries.
  4. The couple’s parents shared stories of their respective anniversaries.
  5. The museum displayed an exhibit celebrating historical anniversaries.
  6. The school holds a special assembly to honor staff anniversaries.
  7. The annual gala recognizes major industry anniversaries.
  8. The city commemorates significant historical anniversaries with public events.
  9. The magazine featured a special edition highlighting noteworthy anniversaries.
  10. The retirement community celebrates residents’ personal anniversaries.

Singular Possessive of Anniversary 

The singular possessive form of “Anniversary” is “Anniversary’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Anniversary:

  1. We celebrated our parents’ Anniversary’s milestone.
  2. The responsibility of organizing the surprise party lies with Anniversary’s spouse.
  3. Please book a table for Anniversary’s dinner celebration.
  4. The couple exchanged Anniversary’s heartfelt vows.
  5. Anniversary’s cake was decorated with beautiful flowers.
  6. We honored Anniversary’s tradition of exchanging gifts.
  7. The family planned a special trip for Anniversary’s getaway.
  8. The friends surprised the couple with Anniversary’s favorite song.
  9. Can you capture a photo of the couple on Anniversary’s special day?
  10. I wrote a heartfelt message in the card for Anniversary’s couple.

Plural Possessive of Anniversary 

The plural possessive form of “Anniversary” is “Anniversaries'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Anniversary:

  1. The organization acknowledged the employees’ Anniversaries’ milestones.
  2. The families celebrated their grandparents’ Anniversaries’ together.
  3. The friends organized a joint celebration for their Anniversaries’.
  4. The couple exchanged gifts to commemorate their parents’ Anniversaries’.
  5. The community hosted an event to honor the wedding Anniversaries’.
  6. The company awarded special bonuses for the employees’ work Anniversaries’.
  7. The organization recognized the volunteers’ long-term commitment to their service Anniversaries’.
  8. The friends toasted their friendship Anniversaries’ with a glass of champagne.
  9. Can you suggest unique gift ideas for multiple wedding Anniversaries’?
  10. I need to send invitations to the guests for the family Anniversaries’ celebration.

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