Ultimatum Plural, What is the Plural of Ultimatum?

Meaning: a final demand or statement of terms

Plural of Ultimatum

Singular Plural
ultimatum ultimatums

Ultimatum as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He delivered an ultimatum to his employees.
  2. The boss issued an ultimatum to finish the project.
  3. She had to make a difficult decision after the ultimatum.
  4. The politician gave an ultimatum to his opponents.
  5. The company faced closure if they didn’t meet the ultimatum.
  6. The leader set a deadline as an ultimatum.
  7. They had no choice but to comply with the ultimatum.
  8. The ultimatum created a sense of urgency.
  9. The negotiations reached a stalemate despite the ultimatum.
  10. The consequences of ignoring the ultimatum were severe.

Ultimatum as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The ultimatums from different parties complicated the situation.
  2. They faced multiple conflicting ultimatums.
  3. The group presented several tough ultimatums during the negotiation.
  4. The CEO received a stack of ultimatums on his desk.
  5. The diplomats worked to find common ground amid the ultimatums.
  6. The ultimatums left no room for compromise.
  7. The company responded to the customers’ ultimatums.
  8. The stakeholders debated the merits of different ultimatums.
  9. The news of the harsh ultimatums spread quickly.
  10. They considered the various consequences of accepting the ultimatums.

Singular Possessive of Ultimatum

The singular possessive form of “Ultimatum” is “Ultimatum’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ultimatum:

  1. The weight of the ultimatum’s consequence hung heavy.
  2. She faced the ultimatum’s deadline with determination.
  3. The urgency of the ultimatum’s demand was palpable.
  4. His decision hinged on the ultimatum’s terms.
  5. The clarity of the ultimatum’s message was unmistakable.
  6. Her future was at stake in the ultimatum’s condition.
  7. The repercussions of the ultimatum’s failure loomed large.
  8. Negotiating the terms of the ultimatum’s resolution was challenging.
  9. She analyzed the implications of the ultimatum’s impact.
  10. The consequences of the ultimatum’s refusal were severe.

Plural Possessive of Ultimatum

The plural possessive form of “Ultimatum” is “Ultimatums'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ultimatum:

  1. The conflicting ultimatums’ demands created a dilemma.
  2. They navigated through multiple ultimatums’ complexities.
  3. The negotiation involved considering all ultimatums’ stipulations.
  4. The resolution satisfied all parties’ ultimatums’ requirements.
  5. The weight of the different ultimatums’ pressures was immense.
  6. The agreement respected each side’s ultimatums’ conditions.
  7. The intersection of the ultimatums’ outcomes determined the next steps.
  8. She juggled the deadlines of various ultimatums’ deadlines.
  9. Their overlapping ultimatums’ goals necessitated collaboration.
  10. The collective impact of the ultimatums’ resolutions was profound.

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