Confetti Plural, What is the Plural of Confetti?

Meaning: small pieces of colored paper traditionally thrown over a bride and bridegroom.

Plural of CONFETTI

Singular Plural
Confetti Confettis

Synonyms of CONFETTI

  • armament
  • materiel
  • missile
  • bomb
  • bullet
  • cartridge
  • chemical
  • explosive
  • gunpowder

Confetti as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The partygoers tossed confetti in celebration of the New Year.
  2. The parade participants were showered with colorful confetti.
  3. The bride and groom exited the church as confetti rained down on them.
  4. The magician produced a burst of confetti as part of his final trick.
  5. The stadium erupted with cheers and flying confetti as the home team scored.
  6. The children squealed with delight as they threw handfuls of confetti in the air.
  7. The festival-goers danced among the fluttering confetti.
  8. The celebratory event ended with a grand finale of fireworks and confetti.
  9. The street parade filled the air with a colorful flurry of confetti.
  10. The carnival atmosphere was enhanced by the joyful explosion of confetti.

Confetti as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The streets were covered in a blanket of colorful confetti after the parade.
  2. The concert concluded with a spectacular display of fireworks and confetti.
  3. The wedding guests showered the newlyweds with handfuls of confetti.
  4. The party venue was adorned with streamers and scattered confetti.
  5. The festival attendees delighted in throwing handfuls of confetti at each other.
  6. The stadium erupted into a sea of cheers and flying confetti as the team won.
  7. The children frolicked in the pile of confetti, laughing and tossing it in the air.
  8. The celebration ended with a grand finale of fireworks and cascading confetti.
  9. The parade participants threw handfuls of colorful confetti to the cheering crowd.
  10. The festival organizers released a massive cannon blast of confetti, creating a festive atmosphere.

Singular Possessive of Confetti

The singular possessive form of “Confetti” is “Confetti’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Confetti:

  1. The party’s confetti’s colors added to the festive atmosphere.
  2. The event planner ensured the confetti’s distribution at the right moment.
  3. The host announced the winner’s confetti’s shower.
  4. The celebration’s confetti’s explosion delighted the crowd.
  5. The performance ended with a grand finale of confetti’s.
  6. The wedding’s confetti’s effect created a memorable exit for the couple.
  7. The concert featured an energetic shower of confetti’s.
  8. The parade’s confetti’s covered the streets with joy.
  9. The carnival included the participants’ confetti’s toss.
  10. The New Year’s Eve party’s confetti’s cascade marked the countdown.

Plural Possessive of Confetti

The plural possessive form of “Confetti” is “Confetti’s”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Confetti:

  1. The celebrations’ confetti’s added a vibrant touch to the atmosphere.
  2. The events’ confetti’s enhanced the overall experience.
  3. The performances’ confetti’s created a visual spectacle.
  4. The festivals’ confetti’s showered the crowds with excitement.
  5. The weddings’ confetti’s provided a festive send-off for the couples.
  6. The parties’ confetti’s created a lively and joyous environment.
  7. The concerts’ confetti’s filled the air with colors and celebration.
  8. The parades’ confetti’s covered the streets in a colorful carpet.
  9. The celebrations’ confetti’s symbolized happiness and jubilation.
  10. The gatherings’ confetti’s highlighted moments of shared joy.

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