Ass Plural, What is the plural of Ass?

Meaning of Ass

The meaning of ASS is:  an animal of the horse family, which is typically smaller than a horse and has longer ears and a braying call.

Singular and Plural of Ass

The plural of Ass is Asss. Here are some example sentences Ass synonyms of Ass.

Singular Plural
Ass Asses

Ass as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The stubborn ass refused to move despite the urging.
  2. The exhausted hiker rode the ass to reach the summit.
  3. The farmer relied on the ass for carrying heavy loads.
  4. The old man patted the ass affectionately on its back.
  5. The wise king sought the counsel of the village ass.
  6. The mischievous child giggled when the ass brayed loudly.
  7. The tired traveler found comfort in the ass’s gentle gait.
  8. The humble ass carried the Savior into Jerusalem.
  9. The villagers respected the ass for its strength and endurance.
  10. The children gathered around to pet the friendly ass.

Ass as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The stubborn asses refused to follow the shepherd’s commands.
  2. The tired farmers relied on the strong asses to plow the fields.
  3. The marketplace was filled with merchants selling asses.
  4. The herd of wild asses roamed freely in the grasslands.
  5. The villagers admired the sleek and well-trained asses.
  6. The herdsmen guided the pack of asses along the mountain trail.
  7. The circus performers trained the talented asses for their act.
  8. The children giggled as the playful asses nuzzled their hands.
  9. The guide led a group of tourists on asses through the canyon.
  10. The village celebrated the annual festival with a parade of decorated asses.

Singular Possessive of Ass 

The singular possessive form of “Ass” is “Ass’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ass:

  1. The ass’s braying echoed through the valley.
  2. I fed the ass’s daily ration of hay and oats.
  3. The farmer brushed the ass’s coat to keep it clean.
  4. The veterinarian examined the ass’s hooves for signs of lameness.
  5. The trainer taught the ass’s owner how to handle and care for it.
  6. The shepherd relied on the ass’s strength to carry heavy loads.
  7. The rider mounted the ass’s back for a leisurely stroll.
  8. The zookeeper monitored the ass’s health and behavior closely.
  9. The photographer captured the ass’s gentle expression in a picture.
  10. The children enjoyed riding the ass’s back at the petting zoo.

Plural Possessive of Ass 

The plural possessive form of “Ass” is “Asses'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ass:

  1. The asses’ braying filled the air with a cacophony of sound.
  2. I fed the herd of asses’ daily rations of hay and oats.
  3. The farmers brushed the asses’ coats to keep them clean and healthy.
  4. The veterinarians examined the asses’ hooves for signs of lameness and disease.
  5. The trainers taught the asses’ owners how to handle and care for them.
  6. The shepherds relied on the asses’ strength to carry heavy loads across the terrain.
  7. The riders mounted the asses’ backs for a long journey through the mountains.
  8. The zookeepers monitored the asses’ health and behavior closely in their enclosure.
  9. The photographers captured the asses’ playful interactions in stunning photographs.
  10. The children enjoyed riding the asses’ backs at the petting farm, laughing all the way.

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