Inch Plural, What is the plural of Inch?

Meaning: a unit of linear measure equal to one twelfth.

Plural of Inch

Singular Plural
Inch Inches

Inch as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She measured the box with an inch
  2. The worm grew an inch longer overnight.
  3. He only needs another inch to reach the goal.
  4. The tailor hemmed the dress by an inch.
  5. The painting was off-center by an inch.
  6. He cut the cake into one inch
  7. The gap between the boards was half an inch
  8. The fish was just an inch away from escaping.
  9. She took a step back, avoiding the inch-long spider.
  10. The snowfall accumulated up to 1 inch

Inch as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The cabinet handles are available in various inches.
  2. They walked for miles, covering several inches of ground.
  3. The fabric is sold by the inches.
  4. The tree branches extended outward by several inches.
  5. The room dimensions were measured in square inches.
  6. The carpenter needed six inches of wood for the project.
  7. He widened the gap by a few more inches.
  8. The pants were too long; she needed to remove a few inches.
  9. The bridge collapsed under the weight of several inches of snow.
  10. The sculpture was carved out of solid marble, spanning several inches.

Singular Possessive of Inch

The singular possessive form of “Inch” is “Inch’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Inch:

  1. The inch’s measurement was accurate.
  2. I need the inch’s exact location.
  3. We measured the length with the inch’s precision.
  4. The carpenter used the inch’s marking for accuracy.
  5. I can see the inch’s mark on the ruler.
  6. The tailor took the inch’s measurement for the dress.
  7. The engineer noted the inch’s dimension in the blueprint.
  8. Please indicate the inch’s position on the map.
  9. The doctor examined the wound with the inch’s precision.
  10. The teacher explained the inch’s concept in class.

Plural Possessive of Inch

The plural possessive form of “Inch” is “Inches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Inch:

  1. The inches’ measurements were consistent.
  2. We marked the fabric with the inches’ units.
  3. The carpenters used the inches’ measurements for accuracy.
  4. The ruler had the inches’ markings.
  5. The tailor recorded the inches’ sizes for alterations.
  6. The engineers calculated the inches’ dimensions precisely.
  7. Please indicate the inches’ positions on the map.
  8. The recipe called for the inches’ lengths of ingredients.
  9. The builders cut the wood according to the inches’ specifications.
  10. The students estimated the area in square inches’.

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