Impetus Plural, What is the plural of Impetus?

Meaning: the force or energy with which a body moves.

Plural of Impetus

Singular Plural
Impetus Impetuses

Impetus as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The shocking news provided the impetus for change.
  2. He needed a strong impetus to start working on his goals.
  3. The success of the previous project gave them the impetus to continue.
  4. The inspiring speech provided the necessary impetus for action.
  5. The team’s victory acted as an impetus for their confidence.
  6. The economic downturn served as the impetus for restructuring.
  7. She found her passion for writing as the impetus to pursue a career.
  8. The environmental crisis became the impetus for conservation efforts.
  9. The new research findings provided the impetus for further exploration.
  10. The teacher’s encouragement acted as the impetus for academic growth.

Impetus as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The multiple challenges provided several impetuses for innovation.
  2. They analyzed the various impetuses behind the company’s success.
  3. The project had multiple impetuses that pushed it forward.
  4. The team identified different impetuses for improving their performance.
  5. The changing market conditions acted as several impetuses for adaptation.
  6. The research findings highlighted the different impetuses for behavior change.
  7. They studied the historical impetuses behind societal transformations.
  8. The conference brought together experts to discuss various impetuses for growth.
  9. The book explored the cultural impetuses that shaped artistic movements.
  10. The scientist investigated the evolutionary impetuses behind species diversification.

Singular Possessive of Impetus

The singular possessive form of “Impetus” is “Impetus’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Impetus:

  1. The discovery provided Impetus’s research with direction.
  2. Impetus’s energy fueled our motivation to succeed.
  3. The professor recognized Impetus’s contribution to the field.
  4. Impetus’s influence extended beyond the initial project.
  5. We admired Impetus’s drive to make a difference.
  6. The breakthrough in the experiment was due to Impetus’s guidance.
  7. Impetus’s determination inspired us to push harder.
  8. The funding gave Impetus’s work the necessary resources.
  9. Impetus’s enthusiasm spread to the entire team.
  10. We appreciated Impetus’s commitment to excellence.

Plural Possessive of Impetus

The plural possessive form of “Impetus” is “Impetuses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Impetus:

  1. The contributions of the team members added to the impetuses’ success.
  2. We recognized the impact of the impetuses’ ideas.
  3. The collaboration among the impetuses’ led to innovative solutions.
  4. The grants supported the impetuses’ research projects.
  5. We admired the dedication of the impetuses’ to their respective fields.
  6. The challenges encountered during the project strengthened the impetuses’ resolve.
  7. We discussed the implications of the impetuses’ findings.
  8. The support from the institution encouraged the impetuses’ pursuit of knowledge.
  9. The mentorship provided guidance to the impetuses’ endeavors.
  10. We celebrated the accomplishments of the impetuses’ in their careers.

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