Superhero Plural, What is the Plural of Superhero?

Meaning: a benevolent fictional character

Plural of Superhero

Singular Plural
superhero superheros

 Synonyms of Superhero

  • protector
  • paladin
  • model
  • hero
  • guardian
  • exemplar
  • defender
  • champion

Superhero as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The superhero saved the city from destruction.
  2. My favorite superhero is Spider-Man.
  3. The superhero fought against the evil mastermind.
  4. Everyone cheered for the superhero as they flew overhead.
  5. The brave superhero protected innocent civilians from harm.
  6. I dressed up as a superhero for Halloween.
  7. The superhero used their superpowers to defeat the villain.
  8. People looked up to the superhero as a symbol of hope.
  9. The superhero leaped across tall buildings in a single bound.
  10. With great power comes great responsibility, as the superhero knew.

Superhero as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The city was saved by a team of superheroes.
  2. All the superheroes assembled to fight the supervillain.
  3. The world celebrated the victory of the superheroes.
  4. The city’s safety relied on the cooperation of many superheroes.
  5. The group of superheroes combined their powers to overcome the challenge.
  6. The superheroes used their unique abilities to protect the world.
  7. The citizens showed gratitude to the courageous superheroes.
  8. The team of superheroes was unstoppable in their quest for justice.
  9. The world needed more superheroes to combat rising threats.
  10. The city honored the brave actions of the superheroes.

Singular Possessive of Superhero

The singular possessive form of “Superhero” is “Superhero’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Superhero:

  1. The superhero’s cape billowed in the wind.
  2. The comic book explored the superhero’s origins.
  3. Superhero’s secret identity remained hidden from the public.
  4. The movie showcased the superhero’s superpowers.
  5. The children imitated the superhero’s signature pose.
  6. The action figure represented the superhero’s likeness.
  7. The story focused on the superhero’s heroic deeds.
  8. The video game allowed players to control the superhero’s actions.
  9. The poster displayed the superhero’s symbol.
  10. The fan club celebrated the superhero’s achievements.

Plural Possessive of Superhero

The plural possessive form of “Superhero” is “Superheroes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Superhero:

  1. The convention featured various superheroes’ costumes.
  2. The comic series explored multiple superheroes’ storylines.
  3. Superheroes’ abilities differed from one character to another.
  4. The movies introduced audiences to different superheroes’ universes.
  5. The toy store stocked a wide range of superheroes’ merchandise.
  6. The team of superheroes’ fought against supervillains.
  7. The poster depicted an epic battle between multiple superheroes’.
  8. The fan art celebrated the diverse array of superheroes’.
  9. The TV show showcased the daily lives of the superheroes’.
  10. The writers created unique backstories for each superheroes’.

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