Fowl Plural, What is the plural of Fowl?

Meaning: a bird of the order Galliformes that is kept for its eggs and flesh; a domestic cock or hen.

Singular and Plural of Fowl

Singular Plural
Fowl Fowls

Fowl as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The farm had a majestic fowl roaming in the yard.
  2. The hunter aimed at the flying fowl in the sky.
  3. The chef prepared a delicious dish with a roasted fowl.
  4. The fowl strutted proudly with its feathers on display.
  5. The rare fowl species was protected in the nature reserve.
  6. The farmer collected eggs from the nesting fowl.
  7. The ornithologist studied the migration patterns of different fowl.
  8. The petting zoo had a variety of friendly fowl for children to interact with.
  9. The game reserve was home to various species of wild fowl.
  10. The artwork depicted a graceful fowl in flight.

Fowl as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The farmers raised different breeds of fowls for eggs and meat.
  2. The hunters set out early in the morning to hunt wild fowls.
  3. The market offered a variety of fresh fowls for sale.
  4. The ornithologists observed the behavior of migrating fowls.
  5. The poultry farm housed hundreds of healthy and well-fed fowls.
  6. The recipe called for a mixture of cooked fowls.
  7. The wildlife sanctuary provided a safe habitat for endangered fowls.
  8. The cooking class taught students how to prepare dishes using different fowls.
  9. The birdwatchers spotted a flock of colorful fowls in the forest.
  10. The chef specialized in creating gourmet dishes using unique and exotic fowls.

Singular Possessive of Fowl

The singular possessive form of “Fowl” is “Fowl’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Fowl:

  1. Fowl’s feathers are beautifully patterned.
  2. I enjoy the taste of Fowl’s tender meat.
  3. Fowl’s eggs are nutritious and versatile.
  4. Fowl’s habitats range from forests to farms.
  5. The behavior of Fowl’s offspring is interesting.
  6. Fowl’s mating rituals can be elaborate.
  7. Fowl’s natural instincts ensure their survival.
  8. I appreciate the sight of Fowl’s graceful flight.
  9. Fowl’s beak is adapted for different feeding methods.
  10. Fowl’s plumage provides protection and camouflage.

Plural Possessive of Fowl

The plural possessive form of “Fowl” is “Fowls'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Fowl:

  1. Fowls’ feathers exhibit a variety of colors.
  2. I raise different types of fowls’ for their meat.
  3. Fowls’ eggs are a valuable source of nutrition.
  4. Fowls’ habitats include various ecosystems.
  5. The interactions between different fowls’ species are fascinating.
  6. Fowls’ mating behaviors differ across breeds.
  7. Fowls’ instincts play a vital role in survival.
  8. I admire the synchronized flight of fowls’ flocks.
  9. Fowls’ beaks have specialized adaptations for feeding.
  10. Fowls’ plumages serve different purposes in nature.

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