Hobo Plural, What is the plural of Hobo?

Meaning: a homeless person; a tramp or vagrant.

Plural of Hobo


Hobo as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The lone hobo sat by the railroad tracks.
  2. The old man lived as a hobo for many years.
  3. The hobo asked for spare change outside the store.
  4. We offered the hobo a warm meal and shelter.
  5. The young hobo traveled from town to town.
  6. The hobo carried all his belongings in a tattered bag.
  7. The passing train woke up the sleeping hobo.
  8. The hobo shared stories of his adventures on the road.
  9. The kind-hearted woman offered the hobo a job.
  10. The curious child asked the hobo about his life.

Hobo as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The city had a community of homeless hobos.
  2. The shelter provided meals and beds for the hobos.
  3. The police arrested several hobos for trespassing.
  4. The charity organization aimed to help the hobos.
  5. Many hobos sought refuge in abandoned buildings.
  6. The locals offered support to the homeless hobos.
  7. The hobos shared their stories of hardship and survival.
  8. The community center organized an event for the hobos.
  9. The volunteers distributed food and clothing to the hobos.
  10. The city implemented programs to assist the homeless hobos.

Singular Possessive of Hobo

The singular possessive form of “Hobo” is “Hobo’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Hobo:

  1. The dog ate Hobo’s food.
  2. The campfire provided warmth for Hobo’s night.
  3. Hobo’s backpack contained essential belongings.
  4. I offered Hobo’s traveler a meal.
  5. Hobo’s lifestyle fascinated me.
  6. The city streets were Hobo’s domain.
  7. I donated clothes to Hobo’s shelter.
  8. Hobo’s wanderings led to interesting encounters.
  9. Hobo’s hat shielded from the sun.
  10. I wondered about Hobo’s stories.

Plural Possessive of Hobo

The plural possessive form of “Hobo” is “Hobos'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Hobo:

  1. The train tracks were frequented by Hobos’ camps.
  2. The soup kitchen provided meals for the Hobos’ community.
  3. The police cleared the Hobos’ makeshift shelters.
  4. I saw the Hobos’ belongings tied in bundles.
  5. The documentary explored the lives of the Hobos’.
  6. The artists portrayed the Hobos’ struggles in their paintings.
  7. The town offered support to the Hobos’ during winter.
  8. The charity aimed to improve the Hobos’ conditions.
  9. The book described the adventures of the Hobos’ across the country.
  10. The photographs captured the essence of the Hobos’ life.

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