Speech Plural, What is the Plural of Speech?

Meaning: expression of the ability to express thoughts

Plural of Speech

Singular Plural
speech speeches

 Synonyms of Speech

  • verbal expression
  • verbal communication
  • talking
  • talk
  • speaking
  • oration
  • lecture
  • discourse
  • articulation
  • address

Speech as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. His speech captivated the audience.
  2. The politician delivered a powerful speech.
  3. She won an award for her speech.
  4. The professor gave an informative speech.
  5. I need to prepare my speech.

Speech as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The speeches were inspiring and moving.
  2. They delivered their speeches with confidence.
  3. The conference featured several excellent speeches.
  4. We listened to various speeches throughout the event.
  5. The students practiced their speeches diligently.

Singular Possessive of Speech

The singular possessive form of “Speech” is “Speech’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Speech:

  1. The speech’s impact on the audience was remarkable.
  2. We should analyze the speech’s rhetorical devices.
  3. The speech’s delivery conveyed the intended message.
  4. The speech’s structure followed a logical progression.
  5. The speech’s eloquence captivated everyone’s attention.
  6. The speech’s relevance to the topic was evident.
  7. The speech’s timing played a significant role.
  8. The audience appreciated the speech’s humor and wit.
  9. We should study the speech’s influence on public opinion.
  10. The speech’s clarity made it easy to comprehend.

Plural Possessive of Speech

The plural possessive form of “Speech” is “Speeches'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Speech:

  1. The presidential candidates’ speeches’ impact was profound.
  2. We need to analyze the speeches’ historical significance.
  3. The speeches’ persuasive techniques appealed to the voters.
  4. The team prepared the speeches’ content meticulously.
  5. The speeches’ diversity of topics catered to different audiences.
  6. The speeches’ authenticity resonated with the listeners.
  7. The critics praised the speeches’ originality and creativity.
  8. We should evaluate the speeches’ effectiveness through feedback.
  9. The speeches’ influence on public policy was substantial.
  10. The team is responsible for archiving the speeches’ transcripts.

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