Alex Plural, What is the plural of Alex?

Meaning of Alex

The meaning of Alex is a man’s defender, warrior.

Singular and Plural of Alex

The plural of Alex is alexes.


Alex as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She greeted her friend Alex with a warm hug.
  2. Alex showed great determination in completing the task.
  3. She enjoyed conversing with Alex about various topics.
  4. Alex shared an interesting story with the group.
  5. She admired Alex‘s creativity and artistic skills.
  6. Alex‘s hard work paid off with remarkable results.
  7. She invited Alex to join the team for the project.
  8. Alex demonstrated excellent problem-solving skills.
  9. She discussed the upcoming event with Alex.
  10. Alex impressed everyone with a captivating presentation.

Alex as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She invited her friends, including two Alexes, to the party.
  2. The Alexes formed a strong bond through shared experiences.
  3. She appreciated the unique perspectives of both Alexes.
  4. The two Alexes collaborated on a creative project.
  5. She admired the talent and skills of the two Alexes.
  6. The group listened attentively to the ideas presented by the Alexes.
  7. She valued the friendship of the two Alexes.
  8. The conversation became livelier with the presence of the Alexes.
  9. She sought advice from both Alexes regarding a personal matter.
  10. The team appreciated the contributions of the two Alexes.

Singular Possessive of Alex 

The singular possessive form of “Alex” is “Alex’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Alex

  1. I borrowed Alex’s book for my research.
  2. Alex’s car was parked in the driveway.
  3. We celebrated Alex’s birthday at a restaurant.
  4. The teacher complimented Alex’s artwork.
  5. I visited Alex’s house last weekend.
  6. Alex’s phone rang loudly during the meeting.
  7. The company recognized Alex’s achievements.
  8. We attended Alex’s graduation ceremony.
  9. Alex’s dog greeted me with a wagging tail.
  10. I admired Alex’s dedication to their craft.

Plural Possessive of Alex 

The plural possessive form of “Alex” is “Alexes'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Alex

  1. The roommates shared the responsibility for Alexes’ chores.
  2. The office displayed the employees’ and Alexes’ achievements.
  3. The group celebrated the success of Alexes’ project.
  4. The families attended the wedding of the two Alexes’.
  5. The company recognized the efforts of all Alexes’.
  6. The teacher praised the creativity of the students’ and Alexes’ drawings.
  7. The teammates supported each other during Alexes’ matches.
  8. The committee appreciated the ideas presented by the Alexes’.
  9. The band members practiced together for Alexes’ performance.
  10. The friends gathered at Alexes’ house for a party.

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