Topaz Plural, What is the Plural of Topaz?

Meaning: a precious stone, usually colourless, yellow, or pale blue

Singular and Plural of Topaz

Singular Plural
topaz topazes

 Topaz as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The topaz gemstone shimmered with a golden hue.
  2. The jewelry store showcased a sparkling topaz
  3. The engagement ring featured a stunning blue topaz.
  4. The artist painted a still life of a vase with topaz
  5. The collector added a rare pink topaz to their collection.
  6. The pendant was adorned with a large teardrop-shaped topaz.
  7. The royal tiara was encrusted with brilliant topaz
  8. The ring had a faceted green topaz as its centerpiece.
  9. The bracelet had delicate topaz stones embedded in it.
  10. The birthstone for November is the golden-yellow topaz.

Topaz as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The exhibit showcased a collection of rare and exquisite topazes.
  2. The jeweler crafted a set of earrings with matching topazes.
  3. The auction featured a pair of large and flawless topazes.
  4. The gemstone collection included various colors and sizes of topazes.
  5. The necklace was encrusted with shimmering topazes of different hues.
  6. The royal treasury displayed a tiara adorned with multiple topazes.
  7. The artist used different shades of blue topazes in the painting.
  8. The earrings were crafted with delicate dangling topazes.
  9. The crown was studded with precious topazes and diamonds.
  10. The museum exhibit highlighted the beauty and rarity of Brazilian topazes.

Singular Possessive of Topaz

The singular possessive form of “Topaz” is “Topaz’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Topaz:

  1. Topaz’s color is a captivating golden hue.
  2. I love the brilliance of Topaz’s shine.
  3. Topaz’s clarity makes it even more stunning.
  4. Topaz’s beauty mesmerizes everyone who sees it.
  5. The cut of Topaz’s facets enhances its sparkle.
  6. Topaz’s rarity adds to its value.
  7. Topaz’s luster captures the light perfectly.
  8. I adore wearing Topaz’s elegant jewelry.
  9. Topaz’s transparency allows you to see through it.
  10. Topaz’s uniqueness makes it a prized gemstone.

Plural Possessive of Topaz

The plural possessive form of “Topaz” is “Topazes'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Topaz:

  1. Topazes’ colors range from warm to cool tones.
  2. I admire the diversity of topazes’ appearances.
  3. Topazes’ cuts reflect their individual characteristics.
  4. Topazes’ brilliance is captivating in jewelry.
  5. The sizes of different topazes’ facets vary.
  6. Topazes’ values depend on their quality.
  7. Topazes’ lusters can differ based on treatment.
  8. I collect different shades of topazes’ gemstones.
  9. Topazes’ inclusions create unique patterns.
  10. Topazes’ origins affect their desirability.

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