Hose Plural, What is the plural of Hose?

Meaning: a flexible tube conveying water.

Plural of Hose

Singular Plural
Hose Hoses

Hose as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I need to replace the hose in my garden.
  2. The firefighter held the hose tightly in his hands.
  3. She used a hose to water the plants.
  4. The car wash attendant sprayed water from the hose.
  5. The gardener coiled the hose neatly after use.
  6. He held the hose nozzle and adjusted the water flow.
  7. The plumber fixed the leaking hose under the sink.
  8. She attached the hose to the vacuum cleaner.
  9. The pressure in the hose was too low for washing.
  10. He untangled the kinked hose before watering the lawn.

Hose as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The firefighters carried multiple hoses to the burning building.
  2. She coiled the tangled hoses after gardening.
  3. The maintenance team replaced all the damaged hoses.
  4. They connected the two hoses to create a longer reach.
  5. The firetruck had a compartment for storing extra hoses.
  6. The gardeners stored the rolled-up hoses in the shed.
  7. The workers sprayed water from the multiple hoses
  8. He washed the cars using high-pressure water from the hoses.
  9. The firefighters attached the nozzles to the ends of the hoses.
  10. She hung the wet hoses on the rack to dry.

Singular Possessive of Hose

The singular possessive form of “Hose” is “Hose’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Hose:

  1. I borrowed Hose’s watering can.
  2. The nozzle on Hose’s garden hose broke.
  3. Hose’s length is longer than mine.
  4. Hose’s sprinkler system needs maintenance.
  5. We admired Hose’s neat coil of hose.
  6. Hose’s nozzle has adjustable settings.
  7. The water pressure in Hose’s hose is strong.
  8. We borrowed Hose’s hose for the party.
  9. Hose’s hose is tangled and knotted.
  10. We connected the sprinkler to Hose’s hose.

Plural Possessive of Hose

The plural possessive form of “Hose” is “Hoses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Hose:

  1. We used all of hoses’ nozzles.
  2. The handles on hoses’ reels were missing.
  3. We borrowed hoses’ connectors for our sprinkler.
  4. The water pressure in hoses’ hoses varied.
  5. We needed more of hoses’ length for the project.
  6. Hoses’ connectors leaked water.
  7. We replaced hoses’ old nozzles.
  8. The weight of hoses’ coils made them difficult to carry.
  9. Hoses’ ends were connected to the sprinkler system.
  10. The kinks in hoses’ lengths restricted water flow.

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