Shaman Plural, What is the Plural of Shaman?

Meaning: a person regarded as having access to

Singular and Plural of Shaman

Singular Plural
shaman shamans

Shaman as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The shaman performed a healing ritual for the community.
  2. The shaman communicated with spirits during the ceremony.
  3. The traditional shaman plays a vital role in tribal culture.
  4. The shaman possessed deep knowledge of medicinal herbs.
  5. The shaman guided individuals through spiritual journeys.
  6. The book explores the life and practices of a renowned shaman.
  7. The documentary follows the experiences of a modern-day shaman.
  8. The shaman used various tools during the healing session.
  9. The shaman offered guidance and advice to those seeking help.
  10. The village relied on the wisdom of the respected shaman.

Shaman as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The indigenous tribes had multiple shamans who served their communities.
  2. The shamans performed rituals to connect with the spirit world.
  3. The shamans passed down their knowledge through generations.
  4. The anthropologist studied the practices of different tribal shamans.
  5. The ceremony involved a gathering of several shamans.
  6. The documentary features interviews with renowned shamans from around the world.
  7. The community sought the guidance of the respected shamans.
  8. The book highlights the similarities and differences among various shamans.
  9. The shamans played an integral role in the cultural traditions.
  10. The stories depict the extraordinary abilities of the ancient shamans.

Singular Possessive of Shaman:

  1. The ceremony involved the Shaman’s chanting and drumming.
  2. The tribe sought guidance from the Shaman’s visions.
  3. The Shaman’s herbal remedies healed the traveler.
  4. Shaman’s wisdom passed down through generations.
  5. The Shaman’s connection with spirits was honored.
  6. The community relied on the Shaman’s healing powers.
  7. The village respected the Shaman’s spiritual leadership.
  8. Comfort was brought by the Shaman’s presence.
  9. The explorer documented Shaman’s rituals and traditions.
  10. Powerful Shaman’s were featured in folklore.

Plural Possessive of Shaman:

  1. Shamans’ chants echoed through the sacred forest.
  2. Shamans’ teachings were passed on to apprentices.
  3. The tribe consulted Shamans’ divination tools for guidance.
  4. Rituals involved the participation of multiple Shamans’.
  5. Shamans’ costumes represented spiritual symbols.
  6. The community respected the Shamans’ ancient knowledge.
  7. Healing ceremonies were performed by village Shamans’.
  8. Shamans’ rituals were influenced by local traditions.
  9. Shamans’ connection with nature was emphasized.
  10. The Shamans’ wisdom guided the community.

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