Student Plural, What is the Plural of Student?

Meaning: a person who is studying

Plural of Student

Singular Plural
student students

 Synonyms of Student

  • undergraduate
  • tutee
  • sophomore
  • scholar
  • postgraduate
  • freshwoman
  • freshman
  • fresher
  • finalist

Student as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The student raised their hand to ask a question.
  2. The diligent student always completed their assignments on time.
  3. The student excelled in both academics and extracurricular activities.
  4. The teacher praised the student for their outstanding performance.
  5. The aspiring doctor was a dedicated and hardworking student.
  6. The young student aspired to become a successful writer.
  7. The college student juggled multiple responsibilities effectively.
  8. The bright student received a scholarship for their achievements.
  9. The student eagerly participated in classroom discussions.
  10. The dedicated student spent hours in the library studying.

Student as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The students eagerly listened to the professor’s lecture.
  2. The group of diligent students formed a study circle.
  3. The high-achieving students were recognized at the award ceremony.
  4. The students collaborated on a group project.
  5. The enthusiastic students actively participated in the debate competition.
  6. The university welcomed international students from various countries.
  7. The hardworking students formed a study group to prepare for exams.
  8. The motivated students pursued their passions and interests.
  9. The senior students guided the newcomers in the orientation program.
  10. The curious students asked thought-provoking questions in class.

Singular Possessive of Student

The singular possessive form of “Student” is “Student’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Student:

  1. Student’s dedication to learning is commendable.
  2. The success of a student’s education depends on effort.
  3. I admire student’s thirst for knowledge.
  4. Student’s progress in academics is impressive.
  5. The motivation behind a student’s hard work is important.
  6. Student’s responsibility for their studies is crucial.
  7. The challenges a student’s faces can be overcome.
  8. Student’s involvement in extracurricular activities is encouraged.
  9. Student’s performance in exams determines their future.
  10. I appreciate a student’s commitment to self-improvement.

Plural Possessive of Student

The plural possessive form of “Student” is “Students'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Student:

  1. Students’ dedication to learning is inspiring.
  2. The achievements of multiple students’ deserve recognition.
  3. I appreciate students’ enthusiasm for education.
  4. Students’ progress in their studies is remarkable.
  5. The motivation of students’ is a driving force.
  6. Students’ responsibility for their learning is essential.
  7. The challenges students’ face shape their growth.
  8. Students’ participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged.
  9. Students’ performance in tests reflects their efforts.
  10. I value students’ commitment to self-improvement.

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