Hepatitis Plural, What is the plural of Hepatitis?

Meaning: a disease characterized by inflammation of the liver.

Plural of Hepatitis


Hepatitis as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Hepatitis is a viral infection affecting the liver.
  2. He was diagnosed with hepatitis after feeling unwell.
  3. The doctor explained the symptoms of hepatitis to the patient.
  4. Hepatitis can be caused by various factors.
  5. She underwent treatment for hepatitis at the hospital.
  6. The vaccination can prevent certain types of hepatitis.
  7. The patient experienced fatigue due to hepatitis.
  8. The blood test confirmed the presence of hepatitis.
  9. Hepatitis can be transmitted through contaminated needles.
  10. The doctor advised him to avoid alcohol with hepatitis.

Hepatitis as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The clinic offers screenings for various types of hepatitis.
  2. The doctors conducted research on different strains of hepatitis.
  3. They discussed the prevention methods for viral hepatitis.
  4. The nurses provided information about vaccinations for hepatitis.
  5. The laboratory analyzed samples for multiple cases of hepatitis.
  6. The researchers discovered new treatments for chronic hepatitis.
  7. The health department emphasized the importance of testing for hepatitis.
  8. They implemented measures to reduce the spread of viral hepatitis.
  9. The conference focused on advancements in the treatment of hepatitis.
  10. The support group offered resources for individuals living with hepatitis.

Singular Possessive of Hepatitis

The singular possessive form of “Hepatitis” is “Hepatitis’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Hepatitis:

  1. I saw Hepatitis’s symptoms in him.
  2. The doctor explained Hepatitis’s causes.
  3. We studied the effects of Hepatitis’s progression.
  4. The treatment for Hepatitis’s virus is essential.
  5. Hepatitis’s impact on the liver is significant.
  6. The research focused on Hepatitis’s transmission methods.
  7. Hepatitis’s diagnosis requires specific tests.
  8. The vaccine helps prevent Hepatitis’s spread.
  9. I learned about Hepatitis’s different types.
  10. Hepatitis’s prevention strategies are crucial.

Plural Possessive of Hepatitis

The plural possessive form of “Hepatitis” is “Hepatitises'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Hepatitis:

  1. The symptoms of both Hepatitises’ worsened.
  2. The doctors discussed Hepatitises’ causes.
  3. We researched the effects of different Hepatitises’ progressions.
  4. The treatments for various Hepatitises’ viruses are different.
  5. Hepatitises’ impacts on the liver are severe.
  6. The researchers examined Hepatitises’ transmission methods.
  7. Hepatitises’ diagnoses require specific tests.
  8. Vaccines play a crucial role in preventing Hepatitises’ spread.
  9. We compared the characteristics of different Hepatitises’ types.

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