Helix Plural, What is the plural of Helix?

Meaning: an object having a three-dimensional shape like that of a wire wound uniformly.

Plural of Helix


Helix as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The DNA molecule has a double helix
  2. He studied the formation of the helix in biology class.
  3. The artist created a sculpture inspired by the helix
  4. The climber ascended the helix staircase to reach the top.
  5. The engineer designed a building with a spiral helix
  6. The seashell had a beautiful helix
  7. The mathematician explained the concept of a helix to the students.
  8. The snail retreated into its helix
  9. The architect incorporated a helix motif into the building’s facade.
  10. The spiral staircase resembled a helix.

Helix as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The laboratory contained several DNA helices for analysis.
  2. The museum displayed ancient helices discovered during excavations.
  3. The engineer designed the structure with multiple helices
  4. The artist created a series of sculptures depicting various helices.
  5. The students examined different types of helices in their science project.
  6. The biologist studied the evolution of helices in various organisms.
  7. The construction site had stacks of metal helices ready for installation.
  8. The mathematician explained the properties of different types of helices.
  9. The exhibition showcased the beauty of natural helices in shells and plants.
  10. The researchers analyzed the arrangement of helices in protein structures.

Singular Possessive of Helix

The singular possessive form of “Helix” is “Helix’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Helix:

  1. The helix’s structure determines its function.
  2. We examined the helix’s role in DNA replication.
  3. The scientist discovered a mutation in the helix’s sequence.
  4. The study focused on understanding the helix’s stability.
  5. Helix’s shape influences protein folding.
  6. The researcher investigated the helix’s interaction with enzymes.
  7. The helix’s properties affect its binding capabilities.
  8. We analyzed the effects of temperature on the helix’s integrity.
  9. The helix’s formation process is complex.
  10. Helix’s flexibility is crucial for certain biological functions.

Plural Possessive of Helix

The plural possessive form of “Helix” is “Helices'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Helix:

  1. The stability of both helices’ structures was compromised.
  2. Researchers studied the functions of different helices’ in cells.
  3. Mutations were found in multiple helices’ sequences.
  4. The study focused on comparing the stability of various helices’.
  5. The binding capabilities of the helices’ differed significantly.
  6. Scientists explored the interactions between enzymes and helices’.
  7. The properties of the helices’ influenced their behavior.
  8. Temperature had varying effects on different helices’.
  9. The formation processes of the helices’ were investigated.
  10. Flexibility played a role in the functions of the helices’.

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