Booth Plural, What is the plural of Booth?

Meaning of Booth is

a small temporary tent or structure at a market, fair, or exhibition.

Singular and Plural of Booth

Singular Plural
Booth Booths

Booth as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She sat at the small coffee shop booth and sipped her latte.
  2. The vendor operated the food truck from a compact booth.
  3. The trade show featured various businesses exhibiting their products at individual booths.
  4. They reserved a private booth at the restaurant for a special occasion.
  5. The telephone operator manned the information booth at the airport.
  6. The couple shared an intimate conversation in the dimly lit booth.
  7. The photographer set up a portable studio booth at the event.
  8. The booth at the carnival offered games and prizes.
  9. The antique fair had rows of beautifully decorated booths.
  10. The voting booth provided privacy for casting ballots.

Booth as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The trade show had dozens of booths showcasing innovative products.
  2. They visited various food booths at the street fair.
  3. The conference attendees gathered around the informational booths.
  4. The market vendors set up their colorful booths early in the morning.
  5. They rented several booths to display their artwork at the art fair.
  6. The outdoor festival featured live music and craft booths.
  7. The art gallery transformed into a maze of curated booths for the exhibition.
  8. The convention center was filled with exhibitors setting up their booths.
  9. The flea market had a wide variety of vendors occupying different booths.
  10. The county fair offered games, food, and merchandise from various booths.

Singular Possessive of Booth

The singular possessive form of “Booth” is “Booth’s.”

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Booth:

  1. The Booth’s curtain hung gracefully on the stage.
  2. We admired the craftsmanship of the Booth’s woodwork.
  3. The spotlight illuminated the Booth’s sign.
  4. The actor prepared for the performance in Booth’s dressing room.
  5. The sound system of the Booth’s theater was top-notch.
  6. The director made important announcements through the Booth’s microphone.
  7. The audience applauded the talent showcased on the Booth’s stage.
  8. We reserved tickets at the Booth’s box office.
  9. The technician adjusted the lights in the Booth’s control room.
  10. The charm of Booth’s architecture added to the theater’s ambiance.

Plural Possessive of Booth

The plural possessive form of “Booth” is “Booths’.”

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Booth:

  1. The lights above the Booths’ entrances were inviting.
  2. We appreciated the acoustics in the Booths’ auditoriums.
  3. The actors prepared for their roles in the Booths’ dressing rooms.
  4. The technicians operated the soundboards in the Booths’ control rooms.
  5. The ushers guided the audience to their seats in the Booths’ theaters.
  6. The stagehands organized the props backstage in the Booths’ storage areas.
  7. We admired the architecture of the Booths’ buildings.
  8. The performances on the Booths’ stages captivated the crowd.
  9. The ticket prices for the Booths’ shows were reasonable.
  10. The charm of the Booths’ foyers created a welcoming atmosphere.

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