Testicle Plural, What is the Plural of Testicle?

Meaning: oval organs that produce sperm

Plural of Testicle

Singular Plural
testicle testicles

 Synonyms of Testicle

  • vulgar slangballs
  • rocks
  • nuts
  • knackers
  • gonads
  • cojones
  • bollocks

Testicle as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The testicle is a vital reproductive organ in males.
  2. He experienced severe pain in his testicle after the injury.
  3. The doctor examined his swollen testicle for any abnormalities.
  4. The testicle produces sperm and testosterone.
  5. He underwent surgery to remove the cancerous testicle.
  6. The size of the left testicle seemed smaller than the right one.
  7. The testicle is protected by the scrotum.
  8. The testicle plays a crucial role in fertility.

Testicle as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Both testicles were examined during the medical check-up.
  2. The patient complained of pain in his testicles.
  3. The doctor advised him to perform regular self-examinations of his testicles.
  4. The testicles produce sperm and hormones.
  5. The athlete wore a protective cup to shield his testicles during the game.
  6. The temperature can affect the health of the male reproductive system, including the testicles.
  7. The presence of lumps in the testicles should be investigated.
  8. The condition known as orchitis can cause inflammation in the testicles.

Singular Possessive of Testicle

The singular possessive form of “Testicle” is “Testicle’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Testicle:

  1. The testicle’s shape is essential for reproduction.
  2. I can feel a lump in my testicle’s sack.
  3. The doctor examined the testicle’s size and texture.
  4. The pain in my testicle’s location worried me.
  5. The injury affected my testicle’s function.
  6. I noticed a change in my testicle’s color.
  7. The doctor checked the testicle’s sensitivity to touch.
  8. The testicle’s position can affect fertility.
  9. The surgeon removed the testicle’s tumor successfully.
  10. I felt a sharp pain in my testicle’s region.

Plural Possessive of Testicle

The plural possessive form of “Testicle” is “Testicles'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Testicle:

  1. The testicles’ function is to produce sperm.
  2. The doctor examined the size of my testicles’ sack.
  3. The injury affected both testicles’ sensitivity.
  4. The doctor recommended checking the testicles’ health regularly.
  5. The surgeon removed the tumors from both testicles’.
  6. The testicles’ role in reproduction is vital.
  7. I felt discomfort in my testicles’ position.
  8. The pain spread from my testicles’ region to my abdomen.
  9. The testicles’ shape varies between individuals.
  10. ¬†I noticed changes in my testicles’ texture.

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