Hello Plural, What is the plural of Hello?

Meaning: an utterance of ‘hello’; a greeting.

Plural of Hello


Hello as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The word hello is a common greeting.
  2. He greeted her with a warm hello and a smile.
  3. The telephone operator answered with a cheerful hello.
  4. The little girl waved and said a shy hello.
  5. The teacher welcomed the students with a friendly hello.
  6. The stranger approached with a polite hello.
  7. She picked up the phone and said a quick hello.
  8. The sign language interpreter gestured a friendly hello.
  9. The receptionist greeted the visitors with a professional hello.
  10. The recorded message on the answering machine said, “Leave a hello after the tone.”

Hello as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The room was filled with friendly hellos from the attendees.
  2. The neighbors exchanged cheerful hellos when they met outside.
  3. The children greeted each other with enthusiastic hellos.
  4. The group of friends shouted their hellos as they reunited.
  5. The event started with a round of warm hellos from the hosts.
  6. The party was lively, with constant laughter and happy hellos.
  7. The guests mingled and exchanged friendly hellos throughout the evening.
  8. The video conference began with participants waving and saying their hellos.
  9. The school assembly opened with a chorus of excited hellos.
  10. The community members gathered, offering friendly hellos to everyone they met.

Singular Possessive of Hello

The singular possessive form of “Hello” is “Hello’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Hello:

  1. I heard Hello’s cheerful greeting.
  2. Hello’s message brought joy to me.
  3. The phone rang with Hello’s call.
  4. I cherish Hello’s warm embrace.
  5. Hello’s smile brightened my day.
  6. The letter contained Hello’s signature.
  7. I appreciated Hello’s kind words.
  8. Hello’s voice echoed in the room.
  9. I couldn’t forget Hello’s friendly demeanor.
  10. Hello’s presence filled the room.

Plural Possessive of Hello

The plural possessive form of “Hello” is “Hellos'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Hello:

  1. I exchanged the hellos’ with my neighbors.
  2. The group shared their hellos’ with enthusiasm.
  3. The room echoed with joyful hellos’.
  4. I received the hellos’ from my friends.
  5. The event started with everyone’s hellos’.
  6. We exchanged warm hellos’ at the gathering.
  7. The class greeted the teacher with hellos’.
  8. I waved goodbye after the hellos’.
  9. The crowd responded with cheerful hellos’.
  10. The party began with everyone’s excited hellos’.

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