Umbrella Plural, What is the Plural of Umbrella?

Meaning: a device consisting of a circular canopy, used during rain

Plural of Umbrella

Singular Plural
umbrella umbrellas

Umbrella as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I left my umbrella at home and got soaked.
  2. She opened her umbrella to shield herself from the rain.
  3. The wind flipped my umbrella inside out.
  4. He found a forgotten umbrella in the lost and found.
  5. Can you hold my umbrella while I tie my shoelaces?
  6. The colorful umbrella stood out in the crowd.
  7. The umbrella provided much-needed shade on a sunny day.
  8. She twirled her umbrella as she walked down the street.
  9. The child used a small umbrella to protect their ice cream.
  10. The beachgoers huddled under their umbrellas during the storm.

Umbrella as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The beach was dotted with colorful umbrellas.
  2. They bought new umbrellas for the entire family.
  3. The gusty wind blew away the beachgoers’ umbrellas.
  4. The street vendors sold a variety of stylish umbrellas.
  5. The park was filled with people carrying their umbrellas.
  6. The cafe had a stand where customers could borrow umbrellas.
  7. The hotel provided complimentary umbrellas to its guests.
  8. The tourists snapped photos of the striped beach umbrellas.
  9. The couple strolled hand in hand, each holding an umbrella.
  10. They lost their umbrellas during the sudden downpour.

Singular Possessive of Umbrella

The singular possessive form of “Umbrella” is “Umbrella’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Umbrella:

  1. I borrowed Umbrella’s sturdy handle.
  2. Umbrella’s fabric protected me from rain.
  3. The wind blew Umbrella’s canopy inside out.
  4. I admired Umbrella’s elegant design.
  5. Umbrella’s color matched my outfit.
  6. The label read Umbrella’s manufacturer.
  7. I closed Umbrella’s mechanism with a click.
  8. Umbrella’s size was perfect for me.
  9. I held Umbrella’s grip tightly.
  10. Umbrella’s pattern stood out in the crowd.

Plural Possessive of Umbrella

The plural possessive form of “Umbrella” is “Umbrellas'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Umbrella:

  1. The store displayed different umbrellas’ colors.
  2. I saw the umbrellas’ canopies protecting people.
  3. The wind turned the umbrellas’ inside out.
  4. I counted the umbrellas’ handles at the entrance.
  5. The raindrops dripped off the umbrellas’ fabric.
  6. I noticed the variety of umbrellas’ patterns.
  7. The group carried their umbrellas’ with them.
  8. I hung the wet umbrellas’ in the stand.
  9. The park was dotted with people’s umbrellas’.
  10. The beach was filled with colorful umbrellas’.

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