License Plural, What is the Plural of License?

Meaning: warrant, ticket

Singular and Plural of License


License as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He obtained a license to practice medicine.
  2. She had to renew her driver’s license.
  3. The artist proudly displayed her creative license.
  4. He lost his fishing license due to violations.
  5. The pharmacist required a valid license to dispense medicine.
  6. He applied for a liquor license to open a bar.
  7. The software developer purchased a software license.
  8. She passed the exam and received her real estate license.
  9. The contractor had to provide proof of a valid license.
  10. The pilot’s license was suspended after a safety violation.

License as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The drivers submitted their licenses for verification.
  2. They were caught driving without valid licenses.
  3. The authorities confiscated their expired licenses.
  4. The bar required all bartenders to have valid licenses.
  5. He proudly displayed his collection of professional licenses.
  6. The company had to renew all employees’ professional licenses.
  7. The lawyers presented their law licenses in court.
  8. The doctors’ licenses were displayed on the clinic wall.
  9. The contractor’s expired licenses prevented him from bidding.
  10. She applied for a gaming license for her casino.

Singular Possessive of License 

The singular possessive form of “License” is “License’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of License:

  1. License’s expiration date is approaching.
  2. Did you renew your License’s registration?
  3. The police officer checked the validity of License’s identification.
  4. License’s photo needs to be updated.
  5. The officer confiscated License’s driver’s license.
  6. The insurance company required a copy of License’s policy.
  7. I need to display License’s parking permit on the windshield.
  8. The authorities suspended License’s driving privileges.
  9. License’s condition needs to be reported to the DMV.
  10. The government agency verified License’s authenticity.

Plural Possessive of License 

The plural possessive form of “License” is “Licenses'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of License:

  1. The officers checked the validity of the Licenses’ identifications.
  2. Did you update all of the Licenses’ expiration dates?
  3. The company requested copies of the Licenses’ permits.
  4. Licenses’ conditions need to be reported to the authorities.
  5. The authorities revoked the Licenses’ operating privileges.
  6. The inspectors verified the Licenses’ compliance with regulations.
  7. The employees displayed the Licenses’ certifications proudly.
  8. The business owner renewed the Licenses’ registrations.
  9. The government agency audited the Licenses’ records.
  10. The company faced penalties for violating the Licenses’ terms.

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