Flyer Plural, What is the plural of Flyer?

Meaning: a person or thing that flies, especially in a particular way.

Singular and Plural of Flyer


Flyer as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The flyer advertised a summer music festival.
  2. I handed out flyers to promote the new restaurant.
  3. The flyer included a map and event schedule.
  4. The design of the flyer caught everyone’s attention.
  5. I received a flyer about a yoga workshop in my mailbox.
  6. The flyer offered discounts for the grand opening.
  7. The flyer provided details about the charity fundraiser.
  8. The concert flyer showcased the lineup of artists.
  9. The flyer had colorful graphics and bold text.
  10. I found a lost dog and made a flyer to find its owner.

Flyer as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. I collected various flyers from the travel agency.
  2. The stack of flyers was handed out to passersby.
  3. The company printed thousands of flyers for the marketing campaign.
  4. I picked up several event flyers at the community center.
  5. The flyers were distributed in different neighborhoods.
  6. I glanced at the pile of discarded flyers on the street.
  7. The store placed the promotional flyers near the entrance.
  8. People were eagerly grabbing the free flyers at the convention.
  9. The concert flyers were plastered all over town.
  10. The volunteer handed me a stack of flyers to distribute.

Singular Possessive of Flyer

The singular possessive form of “Flyer” is “Flyer’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Flyer:

  1. I received a Flyer’s offer in the mail.
  2. The Flyer’s design caught my attention.
  3. The company displayed their products on the Flyer’s front.
  4. The event organizer provided the Flyer’s details.
  5. I noticed a typo in the Flyer’s contact information.
  6. The Flyer’s color scheme was eye-catching.
  7. The restaurant offered a discount through the Flyer’s coupon.
  8. The organization included their logo on the Flyer’s corner.
  9. The promotional Flyer’s content was persuasive.
  10. I shared the Flyer’s information with my friends.

Plural Possessive of Flyer

The plural possessive form of “Flyer” is “Flyers'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Flyer:

  1. The company distributed multiple Flyers’ across the city.
  2. I found the Flyers’ quality to be excellent.
  3. The business included their website on the Flyers’ back.
  4. The event organizers handed out the Flyers’ during the event.
  5. I received a bundle of Flyers’ from different advertisers.
  6. The Flyers’ headlines were attention-grabbing.
  7. The marketing team analyzed the response to the Flyers’.
  8. The salespeople distributed the Flyers’ in various neighborhoods.
  9. The discount offers were mentioned on the Flyers’.
  10. I noticed the contact information on the Flyers’ bottom.

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