Science Plural, What is the Plural of Science?

Meaning: The thorough examination of the structure and understanding of the physical and natural universe is a practical endeavour.

Singular and Plural of Science

Singular Plural
science sciences

Science as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. Science seeks to understand the natural world through observation and experimentation.
  2. The student conducted a science experiment in the laboratory.
  3. The professor explained the principles of science to the class.
  4. Science has made significant advancements in various fields.
  5. The documentary explored the wonders of science.
  6. The research paper presented the latest findings in the field of science.
  7. The scientist dedicated her life to the pursuit of science.
  8. Science plays a crucial role in technological innovation.
  9. The textbook provided a comprehensive overview of different branches of science.
  10. The museum featured interactive exhibits that made science accessible to everyone.

Science as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The sciences encompass a wide range of disciplines.
  2. The university offers degree programs in various sciences.
  3. The researchers collaborated across different sciences to solve complex problems.
  4. The conference brought together experts from different sciences.
  5. The journal publishes articles on cutting-edge discoveries in the sciences.
  6. The curriculum includes courses in both social and natural sciences.
  7. The Nobel Prize recognizes outstanding contributions to specific sciences.
  8. The students chose to specialize in different sciences.
  9. The textbook explored the connections between different sciences.
  10. The funding supported interdisciplinary research across multiple sciences.

Singular Possessive of Science 

The singular possessive form of “Science” is “Science’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Science:

  1. Science’s importance cannot be overstated in education.
  2. I admire Science’s ability to uncover new discoveries.
  3. Science’s impact on society is far-reaching.
  4. The future of medicine lies in Science’s advancements.
  5. We should support Science’s endeavors for a better world.
  6. Science’s influence on technology is remarkable.
  7. The responsibility of preserving Science’s integrity rests on scientists.
  8. I appreciate Science’s role in understanding the natural world.
  9. Science’s contributions to human knowledge are invaluable.
  10. It is crucial to promote Science’s accessibility to all.

Plural Possessive of Science 

The plural possessive form of “Science” is “Sciences'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Science:

  1. Sciences’ collaboration leads to groundbreaking discoveries.
  2. The development of multiple Sciences’ disciplines benefits society.
  3. We should invest in supporting Sciences’ research initiatives.
  4. The future lies in embracing the intersection of various Sciences’.
  5. Sciences’ progress relies on interdisciplinary approaches.
  6. Sciences’ influence on policymaking cannot be ignored.
  7. Collaboration among different Sciences’ fields drives innovation.
  8. We should celebrate the diversity of Sciences’ perspectives.
  9. Sciences’ contributions to society are multidimensional.
  10. It is important to foster cooperation among various Sciences’.

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