Race Plural, What is the Plural of Race?

Meaning: a competition between runners

Singular and Plural of Race

Singular Plural
race races

Race as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The marathon is a grueling long-distance race.
  2. The race began with a loud gunshot.
  3. He trained diligently to compete in the swimming race.
  4. The cyclists sped past in the thrilling bicycle race.
  5. The athletes prepared for the track and field race.
  6. The Formula 1 drivers raced at high speeds in the grand prix race.
  7. The Olympic Games featured a variety of athletic races.
  8. The horse jockey guided his mount to victory in the horse race.
  9. The spectators cheered as the runners approached the finish line of the sprint race.
  10. The yacht sailed across the finish line to win the sailing race.

Race as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The athletes competed in multiple races throughout the day.
  2. The swimming pool hosted a series of intense swimming races.
  3. The stadium buzzed with excitement during the relay races.
  4. The cyclists participated in challenging mountain bike races.
  5. The horse trainer entered several horses in different races.
  6. The international regatta attracted participants from around the world to compete in sailboat races.
  7. The athletes trained hard to improve their performance in the upcoming track and field races.
  8. The runners lined up at the starting point for the cross-country races.
  9. The city organized a community fun run with various age categories and races.
  10. The championship brought together the top athletes in their respective sports to compete in thrilling races.

Singular Possessive of Race 

The singular possessive form of “Race” is “Race’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Race:

  1. The race’s starting line was marked with flags.
  2. I couldn’t keep up with the race’s winner.
  3. The race’s participants prepared for the challenge.
  4. The race’s route took us through scenic landscapes.
  5. The race’s finish line was within sight.
  6. The race’s timing was crucial for the athletes.
  7. I witnessed the race’s intense competition.
  8. The race’s trophy was gleaming in the sunlight.
  9. The race’s organizers worked hard to ensure fairness.
  10. The race’s atmosphere was filled with excitement.

Plural Possessive of Race 

The plural possessive form of “Race” is “Races'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Race:

  1. The races’ spectators cheered from the sidelines.
  2. I volunteered at the races’ water station.
  3. The races’ participants trained for months.
  4. The winners of the races’ received medals.
  5. The races’ starting times were staggered.
  6. The races’ distances varied from 5K to marathon.
  7. The races’ courses were challenging and hilly.
  8. I captured photos of the races’ exciting moments.
  9. The announcer called out the races’ results.
  10. The races’ records were broken by talented athletes.

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