Love Plural, What is the Plural of Love?

Meaning: affection, devotion

Singular and Plural of Love

Singular plural
love loves

Love as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. True love knows no boundaries.
  2. The novel depicted a passionate and forbidden love story.
  3. The artist expressed her emotions through her paintings of love.
  4. The couple celebrated their 50 years of love and commitment.
  5. The poet’s verses spoke of the power and beauty of love.
  6. The parent’s love for their child is unconditional.
  7. The movie portrayed different aspects of love in various relationships.
  8. The wedding ceremony was a celebration of love and unity.
  9. The philosopher contemplated the nature of love and its impact on human existence.
  10. The songwriter wrote heartfelt lyrics about the joys and pains of love.

Love as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The loves of my life are my family and friends.
  2. The musician dedicated the song to all his loves around the world.
  3. The novel explored the protagonist’s different loves throughout his life.
  4. The photographer captured candid moments of couples sharing their loves.
  5. The poet wrote about the universal nature of human loves and desires.
  6. The artist’s paintings depicted different forms of loves and connection.
  7. The professor lectured on the cultural expressions of loves in various societies.
  8. The author’s stories showcased the complexities and challenges of multiple loves.
  9. The writer’s memoir revealed her personal journey in search of true loves.
  10. The therapist counseled individuals on navigating their various loves and relationships.

Singular Possessive of Love 

The singular possessive form of “Love” is “Love’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Love:

  1. Love’s embrace brought warmth and comfort.
  2. We cherish the memories of Love’s presence.
  3. The poet expressed his longing in Love’s absence.
  4. Love’s power can heal and transform.
  5. The couple celebrated their anniversary with Love’s symbol.
  6. We seek Love’s guidance in times of confusion.
  7. Love’s expression varies across different cultures.
  8. The writer explored the depths of Love’s complexity.
  9. Love’s lessons shape our understanding of the world.
  10. The artist depicted Love’s essence in her masterpiece.

Plural Possessive of Love 

The plural possessive form of “Love” is “Loves'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Love:

  1. The couples exchanged loves’ vows during the ceremony.
  2. We celebrate all loves’ triumphs and challenges.
  3. The families gathered to honor their loves’ memories.
  4. Loves’ expressions can be seen in acts of kindness.
  5. The writer explored different aspects of loves’ nature.
  6. We appreciate the support of our loves’ during tough times.
  7. Loves’ influence extends beyond personal relationships.
  8. The psychologist studied the impact of loves’ on mental well-being.
  9. The couples’ counselor helps navigate loves’ complexities.
  10. We value the diversity of loves’ experiences.

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