Grief Plural, What is the plural of Grief?

Meaning: intense sorrow.

Plural of Grief

Singular Plural
Grief Griefs

Grief as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The grief overwhelmed her after the loss.
  2. He experienced deep grief upon hearing the news.
  3. The family was in grief after the tragic accident.
  4. She couldn’t shake off the feeling of grief.
  5. The sudden death of her pet brought intense grief.
  6. His face showed signs of sorrow and grief.
  7. The funeral was filled with sadness and grief.
  8. She expressed her grief through writing and art.
  9. The weight of grief was heavy on his heart.
  10. The counselor helped her navigate through her grief.

Grief as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The griefs of losing loved ones are indescribable.
  2. He experienced multiple griefs in a short span of time.
  3. The griefs they shared brought them closer together.
  4. She overcame her griefs with the support of friends.
  5. The community came together to heal their griefs.
  6. They found solace in sharing their personal griefs.
  7. The book explored different forms of human griefs.
  8. The counselor provided guidance for coping with griefs.
  9. They formed a support group for people experiencing griefs.
  10. The conference aimed to address various aspects of griefs.

Singular Possessive of Grief

The singular possessive form of “Grief” is “Grief’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Grief:

  1. The grief’s intensity overwhelmed her completely.
  2. He couldn’t bear witnessing his grief’s raw expression.
  3. The weight of the grief’s burden was unbearable.
  4. She found solace in sharing her grief’s story.
  5. The depth of his grief’s impact shook him deeply.
  6. The silence was filled with her silent grief’s echoes.
  7. Memories lingered in the shadows of the grief’s passage.
  8. She poured her heart into the grief’s memorial.
  9. The healing began when she acknowledged her grief’s presence.
  10. His journey through grief’s labyrinth was arduous.

Plural Possessive of Grief

The plural possessive form of “Grief” is “Griefs'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Grief:

  1. The different griefs’ manifestations revealed their complexity.
  2. Each person’s griefs’ paths were unique and personal.
  3. Their collective griefs’ weight pulled them together.
  4. The interconnectedness of their griefs’ was undeniable.
  5. The resilience in facing their griefs’ challenges was inspiring.
  6. They offered comfort amidst each other’s griefs’ storms.
  7. The support group helped navigate their griefs’ twists.
  8. The bond formed through shared griefs’ was unbreakable.
  9. They honored their loved ones through their griefs’ tributes.
  10. The community united in their griefs’ healing journey.

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