Ranch Plural, What is the Plural of Ranch?

Meaning: a large farm

Singular and Plural of Ranch


Ranch as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They lived on a spacious ranch in the countryside.
  2. The cowboy worked on a cattle ranch.
  3. The family owned a horse ranch.
  4. The couple planned to retire on a vineyard ranch.
  5. The rancher raised sheep on the remote ranch.
  6. The movie was filmed on a picturesque Western ranch.
  7. The kids enjoyed horseback riding on the ranch.
  8. The chef used fresh ingredients from the organic ranch.

Ranch as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They owned several large ranches across the state.
  2. The cowboys worked on different cattle ranches.
  3. The families owned multiple horse ranches.
  4. The couple managed several vineyard ranches.
  5. The ranchers raised sheep on their vast ranches.
  6. The movies were filmed on various Western ranches.
  7. The kids visited different horseback riding ranches.
  8. The chefs sourced ingredients from multiple organic ranches.

Singular Possessive of Ranch 

The singular possessive form of “Ranch” is “Ranch’s”. 

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Ranch:

  1. The horse grazed peacefully in the ranch’s pasture.
  2. The beauty of the ranch’s landscape was breathtaking.
  3. The owner’s dedication improved the ranch’s infrastructure.
  4. The horses in the ranch’s stables were well cared for.
  5. The ranch’s main building had a rustic charm.
  6. The ranch’s owner trained horses for competitions.
  7. The workers maintained the ranch’s fences and gates.
  8. The ranch’s location offered stunning views of the mountains.
  9. I visited the ranch’s gift shop for souvenirs.
  10. The atmosphere of the ranch’s events was welcoming.

Plural Possessive of Ranch 

The plural possessive form of “Ranch” is “Ranches'”. 

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Ranch:

  1. The ranches’ landscapes varied from rolling hills to flat plains.
  2. The owners’ efforts enhanced the ranches’ sustainability practices.
  3. The cattle in the ranches’ pastures grazed freely.
  4. The workers’ dedication contributed to the success of the ranches’ operations.
  5. The communities surrounding the ranches’ benefited from employment opportunities.
  6. The ranches’ owners organized annual rodeos for entertainment.
  7. The fields adjacent to the ranches’ were used for crops.
  8. The ranches’ sale prices depended on location and amenities.
  9. I drove through several ranches’ while exploring the countryside.
  10. The visitors’ experiences at the ranches’ were unforgettable.

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