Status Plural, What is the Plural of Status?

Meaning: relative social or professional position

Plural of Status

Singular Plural
status statuses

Synonyms of Status

  • stature
  • station
  • standing
  • social position
  • repute
  • reputation
  • ranking
  • rank
  • position
  • place
  • level

Status as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He attained a high social status through hard work.
  2. The celebrity enjoyed the perks of her elevated status.
  3. The employee was promoted to a managerial status.
  4. The politician’s scandal tarnished his public status.
  5. The job offer came with a prestigious status.
  6. The professor achieved international status in his field.
  7. The businesswoman’s success elevated her professional status.
  8. The athlete’s injury threatened his career status.
  9. The artist’s latest exhibition boosted her artistic status.
  10. The scholarship recognized students for their academic status.

Status as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The citizens fought for equal rights and social statuses.
  2. The company acknowledged employees’ different job statuses.
  3. The event attracted people of various social statuses.
  4. The committee reviewed the membership statuses.
  5. The university admission decisions determined the students’ educational statuses.
  6. The diplomats discussed the negotiation statuses.
  7. The organization recognized individuals for their contributions and honorary statuses.
  8. The society was divided into different economic statuses.
  9. The group analyzed the immigration statuses of the applicants.
  10. The company conducted an assessment of employee performance and statuses.

Singular Possessive of Status

The singular possessive form of “Status” is “Status’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Status:

  1. I was aware of Status’s importance in society.
  2. The significance of Status’s influence couldn’t be denied.
  3. Status’s impact on my life was profound.
  4. I sought to improve Status’s perception of me.
  5. The weight of Status’s expectations weighed heavily on me.
  6. I couldn’t escape Status’s implications on my choices.
  7. The attainment of Status’s recognition was a personal goal.
  8. I questioned the validity of Status’s hierarchy.
  9. Status’s fluctuation affected my self-esteem.
  10. I longed for Status’s approval and validation.

Plural Possessive of Status

The plural possessive form of “Status” is “Statuses'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Status:

  1. The implications of the statuses’ hierarchy were evident.
  2. I considered the diverse range of the statuses’ influence.
  3. Statuses’ impact on society shaped our interactions.
  4. I navigated the complexities of the statuses’ expectations.
  5. The privileges associated with the statuses’ positions were evident.
  6. I questioned the fairness of the statuses’ distribution.
  7. The pursuit of higher statuses’ recognition was common.
  8. I observed the dynamics within the different statuses’ groups.
  9. Statuses’ fluctuation affected power dynamics within relationships.
  10. I longed for acceptance among the various statuses’ groups.

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