Expert Plural, What is the plural of Expert?

Meaning: a person who is very knowledgeable about or skillful in a particular area.

Plural of Expert

Singular Plural
Expert Experts


  • artist
  • professional
  • doyen
  • connoisseur
  • buff
  • authority
  • artiste
  • adept
  • ace

Expert as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The expert analyzed the data and provided insights.
  2. Our company hired an expert to handle the project.
  3. The expert recommended a new marketing strategy.
  4. I consulted with an expert about my health condition.
  5. The expert offered valuable advice on investment options.
  6. The expert conducted thorough research before making conclusions.
  7. We rely on the expert to troubleshoot technical issues.
  8. The expert delivered a compelling presentation at the conference.
  9. The expert wrote a comprehensive report on climate change.
  10. I am impressed by the expert‘s vast knowledge and experience.

Expert as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The experts collaborated to solve the complex problem.
  2. Many experts agree on the importance of regular exercise.
  3. The conference featured presentations by renowned experts.
  4. The team of experts conducted a thorough investigation.
  5. The experts provided valuable insights into market trends.
  6. We consulted multiple experts before making a decision.
  7. The panel of experts discussed the implications of the study.
  8. The company assembled a team of industry experts.
  9. The group of experts conducted a peer review of the research.
  10. The experts‘ opinions varied on the topic of climate change.

Singular Possessive of Expert

The Singular possessive form of “Expert” is expert’s.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of “Expert”:

  1. The expert’s opinion is highly valued in the court.
  2. Please provide the expert’s report before the deadline.
  3. The expert’s knowledge on the subject is unmatched.
  4. I followed the expert’s advice and it worked perfectly.
  5. The expert’s research findings have significant implications.
  6. We hired an expert’s services to assess the situation.
  7. The book highlights the career of a renowned expert.
  8. The expert’s testimony played a crucial role in the trial.
  9. The company consulted an expert’s guidance for growth strategies.
  10. It is important to respect the expert’s professional expertise.

Plural Possessive of Expert

The plural possessive form of “Expert” is experts’.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of “Expert”:

  1. The experts’ opinions vary on this matter.
  2. We need to gather all the experts’ perspectives before deciding.
  3. The experts’ findings were presented at the conference.
  4. The panel discussion involved several experts’ insights.
  5. The report highlighted the experts’ collective knowledge.
  6. The project team collaborated with various experts’ input.
  7. The company sought the experts’ advice for risk assessment.
  8. The magazine featured interviews with renowned experts’.
  9. The experts’ recommendations were implemented successfully.
  10. The organization recognized the contributions of the experts’.

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