Formation Plural, What is the plural of Formation?

Meaning: the action of forming or process of being formed.

Singular and Plural of Formation

Singular Plural
Formation Formations

Formation as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The formation of the clouds was beautiful.
  2. The dancers moved in perfect formation on the stage.
  3. The geologist studied the rock formation.
  4. The army marched in a precise formation.
  5. The team practiced their football formation.
  6. The storm caused the formation of a tornado.
  7. The military aircraft flew in tight formation.
  8. The students lined up in a straight formation.
  9. The hikers admired the unique rock formation.
  10. The soldiers assumed a defensive formation.

Formation as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The geologists studied the different rock formations.
  2. The dancers performed various choreographed formations.
  3. The army executed complex battle formations.
  4. The football team practiced their offensive and defensive formations.
  5. The aerial acrobats created stunning human pyramid formations.
  6. The archaeologists discovered ancient burial formations.
  7. The pilots maneuvered their planes into tight aerial formations.
  8. The dancers rehearsed intricate dance formations.
  9. The climbers marveled at the towering ice formations.
  10. The formation of sand dunes was shaped by the wind.

Singular Possessive of Formation

The singular possessive form of “Formation” is “Formation’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Formation:

  1. The geologist studied the rock Formation’s history.
  2. I admired the dancers’ synchronized Formation’s.
  3. The pilot maintained the aircraft’s precise Formation’s.
  4. The soccer team practiced their offensive Formation’s.
  5. I analyzed the cloud’s unique Formation’s.
  6. The choreographer instructed the dancers’ precise Formation’s.
  7. I learned about the bee’s hive Formation’s.
  8. The military squad executed a flawless Formation’s.
  9. I marveled at the mountain range’s majestic Formation’s.
  10. The scientist examined the crystal’s crystallographic Formation’s.

Plural Possessive of Formation

The plural possessive form of “Formation” is “Formations'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Formation:

  1. The geologists researched various rock Formations’.
  2. I witnessed the aircraft squadron’s aerobatic Formations’.
  3. The dancers showcased different cultural Formations’.
  4. The soccer coach discussed the team’s defensive Formations’.
  5. I explored the cloud’s unique Formations’ in the sky.
  6. The choreographer choreographed the dancers’ intricate Formations’.
  7. I studied the different ant colony’s Formations’.
  8. The military demonstrated different tactical Formations’.
  9. I hiked through the canyon’s breathtaking Formations’.
  10. The scientist compared the crystal’s different Formations’.

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