Gazelle Plural, What is the plural of Gazelle?

Meaning: a small, slender antelope that typically has curved horns and a fawn-coloured coat.

Singular and Plural of Gazelle

Singular Plural
Gazelle Gazelles

Gazelle as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The gazelle gracefully leaped across the savannah.
  2. The predator chased the swift gazelle through the grasslands.
  3. The African plains are home to many species of gazelle.
  4. The gazelle swiftly evaded the lion’s pursuit.
  5. The photographer captured a stunning image of a running gazelle.
  6. The gazelle grazed peacefully alongside zebras and wildebeests.
  7. The cheetah’s keen eyesight helped it spot the hiding gazelle.
  8. The gazelle‘s long legs enable it to reach high speeds.
  9. The herds of migrating gazelle were a sight to behold.
  10. The gazelle‘s agility allows it to navigate rocky terrains with ease.

Gazelle as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The grasslands were teeming with roaming gazelles.
  2. The gazelles gathered in large herds for protection.
  3. The group of gazelles moved gracefully across the savannah.
  4. The predators stalked the herd of gazelles from a distance.
  5. The gazelles swiftly scattered as the lion approached.
  6. The migration of the wildebeest and gazelles was a spectacular event.
  7. The plains echoed with the calls of grazing gazelles.
  8. The gazelles displayed their impressive leaping abilities during mating season.
  9. The ecosystem relies on the grazing habits of the gazelles.
  10. The gazelles‘ camouflage helps them blend in with the grassy landscape.

Singular Possessive of Gazelle

The singular possessive form of “Gazelle” is “Gazelle’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Gazelle:

  1. The predator chased Gazelle’s prey across the savannah.
  2. The biologist studied Gazelle’s mating behaviors.
  3. Gazelle’s speed helps evade predators.
  4. The photographer captured Gazelle’s graceful movements.
  5. The conservationist protected Gazelle’s natural habitats.
  6. Gazelle’s agility is vital for survival.
  7. The researcher examined Gazelle’s ecological role.
  8. The guide pointed out a Gazelle’s tracks in the sand.
  9. Gazelle’s horns are distinctive features.
  10. The wildlife enthusiast observed Gazelle’s herds in the distance.

Plural Possessive of Gazelle

The plural possessive form of “Gazelle” is “Gazelles'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Gazelle:

  1. The predators chased the Gazelles’ prey across the grasslands.
  2. The biologists studied the Gazelles’ mating behaviors in different regions.
  3. Gazelles’ speed helps them evade multiple predators.
  4. The photographers captured the Gazelles’ graceful movements in their shots.
  5. The conservationists protected the Gazelles’ natural habitats from human encroachment.
  6. Gazelles’ agility is vital for their survival in various environments.
  7. The researchers examined the Gazelles’ ecological roles in the ecosystem.
  8. The guides pointed out multiple Gazelles’ tracks in the wilderness.
  9. Gazelles’ horns are distinctive features that vary among species.
  10. The wildlife enthusiasts observed the interactions within Gazelles’ herds.

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