Teacher Plural, What is the Plural of Teacher?

Meaning: a person who teaches

Plural of Teacher

Singular Plural
teacher teachers

 Synonyms of Teacher

  • tutor
  • schoolteacher
  • schoolmistress
  • schoolmaster
  • pedagogue
  • mistress
  • master
  • instructor
  • governess
  • educator
  • educationalist

Teacher as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The teacher explained the lesson to the students.
  2. The teacher wrote on the whiteboard with chalk.
  3. The teacher gave each student a homework assignment.
  4. The teacher called on the student to answer the question.
  5. The teacher provided feedback on the students’ work.
  6. The teacher organized a field trip for the class.
  7. The teacher conducted an experiment in the science lab.
  8. The teacher encouraged the students to participate in class discussions.
  9. The teacher graded the tests and returned them to the students.
  10. The teacher helped the struggling student understand the concept.

Teacher as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The teachers collaborated on the curriculum for the semester.
  2. The teachers attended a professional development workshop.
  3. The teachers implemented new teaching strategies in their classrooms.
  4. The teachers shared resources and lesson plans with each other.
  5. The teachers organized a parent-teacher conference.
  6. The teachers discussed student progress during the staff meeting.
  7. The teachers supported each other during challenging times.
  8. The teachers celebrated the students’ achievements together.
  9. The teachers coordinated a school-wide event.
  10. The teachers worked as a team to create a positive learning environment.

Singular Possessive of Teacher

The singular possessive form of “Teacher” is “Teacher’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Teacher:

  1. Teacher’s dedication to education is commendable.
  2. Can I ask teacher’s advice on this matter?
  3. The influence of teacher’s guidance extends beyond the classroom.
  4. Teacher’s impact on students’ lives is immeasurable.
  5. I’m grateful for teacher’s support and encouragement.
  6. Teacher’s passion for teaching inspires lifelong learning.
  7. Can I learn about teacher’s teaching philosophy?
  8. The responsibility of teacher’s role in shaping young minds is significant.
  9. Teacher’s commitment to student success is evident.
  10. Teacher’s classroom fosters a positive and inclusive environment.

Plural Possessive of Teacher

The plural possessive form of “Teacher” is “Teachers'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Teacher:

  1. The collaboration among the teachers’ enhances the curriculum.
  2. Can I observe the interaction between different teachers’ teaching styles?
  3. The dedication of the teachers’ to student development is commendable.
  4. What are the challenges faced by the teachers’ in today’s educational landscape?
  5. The diversity of the teachers’ backgrounds enriches the learning experience.
  6. Teachers’ collective wisdom and experience benefit the students.
  7. Can we appreciate the contributions of the teachers’ to society?
  8. The passion of the teachers’ for their subject inspires students.
  9. Teachers’ commitment to professional growth sets an example for students.
  10. Teachers’ collaboration with parents fosters a supportive learning environment.

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