Knickers Plural, What is the plural of Knickers?

Meaning: a woman’s or girl’s undergarment covering the lower part of the torso.

Plural of Knickers

Singular Plural
Knickers Knickers

Knickers as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. She wore a comfortable pair of cotton knickers.
  2. The dancer’s costume included a frilly knickers.
  3. The vintage store sold lacy Victorian knickers.
  4. The clown’s outfit had oversized colorful knickers.
  5. The gymnast performed incredible flips in her knickers.
  6. The hiker packed an extra pair of woolen knickers.
  7. She accidentally ripped her knickers while climbing over the fence.
  8. The tailor sewed a custom pair of silk knickers.
  9. The fashion designer showcased avant-garde knickers on the runway.
  10. The old photograph showed a gentleman wearing high-waisted knickers.

Knickers as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They bought a set of matching lace knickers and bra.
  2. The store had a sale on women’s and men’s knickers.
  3. The laundry basket was filled with colorful knickers.
  4. The costume shop rented out various types of knickers.
  5. The fashion boutique displayed a wide range of designer knickers.
  6. The actress wore sexy black knickers for the film scene.
  7. The fashion magazine featured the latest trends in women’s knickers.
  8. The comedian made a hilarious joke about striped knickers.
  9. The boxer put on his boxing gloves and knickers for the match.
  10. The fashion industry embraced the comeback of retro-style knickers.

Singular Possessive of Knickers

The singular possessive form of “Knickers” is “Knickers’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Knickers:

  1. The knickers’s fabric felt smooth.
  2. We admired the pattern on the knickers’s waistband.
  3. The knickers’s fit was comfortable.
  4. The knickers’s color matched the outfit.
  5. I buttoned the knickers’s side pocket.
  6. The knickers’s cuff was neatly pressed.
  7. We marveled at the knickers’s vintage style.
  8. The knickers’s belt loop held a key.
  9. The knickers’s length reached the knee.
  10. The knickers’s fabric resisted wrinkles.

Plural Possessive of Knickers

The plural possessive form of “Knickers” is “Knickers'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Knickers:

  1. The knickers’ fabrics felt smooth.
  2. We admired the patterns on the knickers’ waistbands.
  3. The knickers’ fits were comfortable.
  4. The knickers’ colors matched the outfits.
  5. I buttoned the knickers’ side pockets.
  6. The knickers’ cuffs were neatly pressed.
  7. We marveled at the knickers’ vintage styles.
  8. The knickers’ belt loops held keys.
  9. The knickers’ lengths reached the knee.
  10. The knickers’ fabrics resisted wrinkles.

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