Greenfly Plural, What is the plural of Greenfly?

Meaning: a green aphid which is a common pest of crops.

Plural of Greenfly


Greenfly as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The small greenfly landed on the plant.
  2. The gardener noticed a lone greenfly on the rosebush.
  3. The greenfly feasted on the tender leaves of the vegetable.
  4. The plant struggled to survive the infestation of the greenfly.
  5. The greenfly spread to neighboring plants in the garden.
  6. The gardener carefully removed the lone greenfly from the flower.
  7. The greenfly damaged the delicate petals of the rose.
  8. The plant’s health declined due to the presence of the greenfly.
  9. The gardener used organic methods to control the greenfly
  10. The greenfly larvae hatched and started feeding on the plant.

Greenfly as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The garden was infested with numerous greenflies.
  2. The greenflies quickly multiplied and spread to nearby plants.
  3. The gardener sprayed insecticide to eliminate the greenflies.
  4. The leaves were covered with sticky honeydew from the greenflies.
  5. The greenflies weakened the plants, causing them to wither.
  6. The gardener introduced ladybugs to control the population of greenflies.
  7. The greenflies attracted ants with their sweet secretions.
  8. The plants recovered after the removal of the greenflies.
  9. The greenflies were a nuisance in the garden.
  10. The gardener took preventive measures to avoid future greenfly

Singular Possessive of Greenfly

The singular possessive form of “Greenfly” is “Greenfly’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Greenfly:

  1. The greenfly’s infestation affected the garden’s health.
  2. She studied the lifecycle of the greenfly’s population.
  3. The damage caused by the greenfly’s feeding habits was evident.
  4. The pesticide targeted the greenfly’s reproductive cycle.
  5. The gardeners monitored the greenfly’s activity closely.
  6. The rose bush showed signs of the greenfly’s presence.
  7. The sticky residue indicated the greenfly’s visitation.
  8. She researched natural remedies to control the greenfly’s spread.
  9. The ladybugs were introduced to combat the greenfly’s population.
  10. The weather conditions affected the greenfly’s population growth.

Plural Possessive of Greenfly

The plural possessive form of “Greenfly” is “Greenflies'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Greenfly:

  1. The gardeners dealt with multiple greenflies’ infestations simultaneously.
  2. The growth of the greenflies’ colonies was alarming.
  3. The plants’ leaves were covered in the greenflies’ sticky secretion.
  4. They implemented measures to control the greenflies’ spread.
  5. The organic insecticide targeted the greenflies’ reproduction cycle.
  6. The garden’s ecosystem was disrupted by the greenflies’ presence.
  7. The predators fed on the greenflies’ population, reducing their numbers.
  8. The gardeners documented the greenflies’ damage for analysis.
  9. The infested plants required immediate action to eradicate the greenflies’ colonies.
  10. The gardening community shared tips to combat the greenflies’ infestation.

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