Can Plural, What is the plural of Can?

Meaning of Can is

the ability to do something.

Singular and Plural of Can

Singular Plural
Can Cans

Can as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. He opened a cold can of soda.
  2. She emptied the soup into a large can.
  3. The hiker carried a lightweight can of beans.
  4. He recycled the aluminum can after finishing his drink.
  5. The chef opened a can of tomatoes for the sauce.
  6. She kicked the can down the street.
  7. The children played with an empty can as a drum.
  8. The painter used a can of spray paint for the artwork.
  9. He stored his tools in a metal can in the garage.
  10. The survivor cooked food over a campfire using a tin can.

Can as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. They collected empty aluminum cans for recycling.
  2. The workers loaded the trash into large garbage cans.
  3. She stored the leftovers in airtight cans in the refrigerator.
  4. The shelves were stocked with different sizes of canned goods.
  5. He disposed of the empty paint cans at the recycling center.
  6. The construction site had rows of stacked cement cans.
  7. They donated a box of canned foods to the food bank.
  8. The fishermen caught fresh fish and stored them in ice-filled cans.
  9. The metal recycling facility crushed the discarded cans.
  10. The army carried water in large metal cans during the mission.

Singular Possessive of Can

The singular possessive form of “Can” is “Can’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Can:

  1. The can’s label was peeling off.
  2. I used a can’s opener to access the content.
  3. The painter removed the can’s lid with a tool.
  4. The chef poured the sauce from the can’s top.
  5. The photographer captured the can’s reflection in the frame.
  6. The environmentalist recycled the can’s aluminum material.
  7. The manufacturer improved the can’s design for easy use.
  8. The mechanic inspected the can’s dents and scratches.
  9. The hiker crushed the can’s empty form before disposing of it.
  10. The artist repurposed the can’s shape in a sculpture.

Plural Possessive of Can

The plural possessive form of “Can” is “Cans'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Can:

  1. The recycling bin collected all the cans’ materials.
  2. The supermarket’s aisle displayed a variety of cans’ options.
  3. The soda machine contained different cans’ flavors.
  4. The collector sorted the cans’ labels by brand.
  5. The construction workers crushed the cans’ empty forms.
  6. The pantry stored the cans’ contents in an organized manner.
  7. The fundraiser collected the cans’ donations for a cause.
  8. The artist repainted the cans’ surfaces for an art installation.
  9. The camping trip required packing cans’ of food for convenience.
  10. The recycling center processed the cans’ materials efficiently.

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