Flag Plural, What is the plural of Flag?

Meaning: a piece of cloth or similar material.

Singular and Plural of Flag

Singular Plural
Flag Flags

Flag as a Singular Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The flag fluttered proudly in the wind.
  2. I saluted the national flag during the ceremony.
  3. The pirate ship raised its menacing flag.
  4. The scout carried the team’s victory flag.
  5. The explorer planted the country’s flag on the mountaintop.
  6. The soldier carried the tattered flag into battle.
  7. The protesters waved the protest flag
  8. The crowd cheered as the winning flag crossed the finish line.
  9. The ship’s captain hoisted the distress flag.
  10. The stadium erupted with applause as the national flag was raised.

Flag as a Plural Noun in Example Sentences:

  1. The stadium was filled with colorful flags of different nations.
  2. The parade was a vibrant display of waving flags.
  3. The beach was adorned with fluttering flags.
  4. The ships sailed in formation, displaying their respective flags.
  5. The crowd cheered and waved their team’s victory flags.
  6. The United Nations conference had representatives from many flags.
  7. The historic site was marked with small historical flags.
  8. The castle was decorated with numerous medieval flags.
  9. The festival was decorated with colorful pennant flags.
  10. The Olympic Games showcased a variety of national flags.

Singular Possessive of Flag

The singular possessive form of “Flag” is “Flag’s”.

Examples of Singular Possessive Form of Flag:

  1. The soldier saluted the national Flag’s.
  2. I admired the intricate design on the country’s Flag’s.
  3. The wind gently waved the ship’s Flag’s.
  4. The rally attendee proudly waved their team’s Flag’s.
  5. I noticed a tear in the school’s Flag’s.
  6. The leader addressed the crowd under the political party’s Flag’s.
  7. I folded the nation’s Flag’s with respect and care.
  8. The embassy displayed their country’s Flag’s at the entrance.
  9. I raised the sports team’s Flag’s during the championship.
  10. The scout pledged allegiance to the troop’s Flag’s.

Plural Possessive of Flag

The plural possessive form of “Flag” is “Flags'”.

Examples of Plural Possessive Form of Flag:

  1. The international conference displayed various countries’ Flags’.
  2. I attended the parade with a line of Flags’ waving in the air.
  3. The stadium showcased the competing nations’ Flags’.
  4. The embassy lined the street with their countries’ Flags’.
  5. I collected different countries’ Flags’ as souvenirs.
  6. The school celebrated diversity by raising the students’ home countries’ Flags’.
  7. I recognized the symbol on the pirate ships’ Flags’.
  8. The United Nations displayed the member countries’ Flags’.
  9. I witnessed the unity of nations through the Olympic Games’ Flags’.
  10. The military base hoisted the allied forces’ Flags’ together.

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