50 Fitness Words That Start With R

Are you trying to get in shape or simply interested in the world of fitness? Whether it’s about gym workouts, home exercises, or cardio sessions, it’s crucial to understand the vocabulary involved. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 50 fitness words that start with the letter “R.”

Fitness Words That Start With R

1. Repetition

Definition: A single complete movement in exercise.

Sentence: When doing bicep curls, each repetition should be smooth and controlled.

2. Resistance

Definition: The force that opposes muscle contraction.

Sentence: Use bands to increase resistance during leg squats.

3. Recovery

Definition: The time spent resting between exercises.

Sentence: Proper recovery can accelerate muscle growth.

4. Rowing

Definition: An exercise using a rowing machine.

Sentence: For cardio, rowing offers a full-body workout.

5. Running

Definition: A form of cardio exercise at a fast pace.

Sentence: She prefers running to other forms of exercise.

6. Rack

Definition: A stand holding weights or equipment.

Sentence: Place the barbell back on the rack when you’re done.

7. Rotation

Definition: Movement around an axis or center.

Sentence: Core rotation is essential for many sports.

8. Rhythm

Definition: A consistent timing in movements.

Sentence: Maintain a steady rhythm when cycling.

9. Range of Motion

Definition: Full movement potential of a joint.

Sentence: Improve your range of motion with stretching.

10. Rest Day

Definition: A day dedicated to not exercising.

Sentence: On a rest day, it’s good to focus on hydration.

11. Recumbent Bike

Definition: A bike with a laid-back seating position.

Sentence: The recumbent bike is easier on the back.

12. Rope Jump

Definition: Jumping over a swinging rope.

Sentence: A rope jump routine can boost your cardio.

13. Ripped

Definition: Having very low body fat, and well-defined muscles.

Sentence: His goal is to get ripped by summer.

14. Rear Deltoid

Definition: The back part of the shoulder muscle.

Sentence: He focused on his rear deltoid with specific exercises.

15. Rep Range

Definition: Number of repetitions in a set.

Sentence: The rep range changes based on the goal.

16. Runners High

Definition: A feeling of euphoria from prolonged running.

Sentence: She experienced a runner’s high after her marathon.

17. Reverse Plank

Definition: A plank exercise facing upward.

Sentence: A reverse plank strengthens the lower back.

18. Reflex

Definition: Automatic muscle response to stimulus.

Sentence: Good reflex helps in agility training.

19. Russian Twist

Definition: A seated rotational exercise for abs.

Sentence: Perform a Russian twist for core stability.

20. Rest Interval

Definition: The time gap between exercise sets.

Sentence: A short rest interval can increase workout intensity.

21. Renegade Row

Definition: A plank and row combination exercise.

Sentence: A renegade row works both the back and core.

22. Rollout

Definition: Extending the body while keeping hands stationary.

Sentence: A rollout effectively targets the abdominal muscles.

23. ROM

Definition: Acronym for Range of Motion.

Sentence: Increasing your ROM helps in functional fitness.

24. Rep Max

Definition: The maximum number of repetitions.

Sentence: Your one rep max is a measure of strength.

25. Rhomboids

Definition: Muscles between the spine and shoulder blades.

Sentence: Scapular squeezes work the rhomboids well.

26. RICE

Definition: Acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Sentence: Use RICE for immediate injury treatment.

27. RPM

Definition: Revolutions Per Minute in cycling.

Sentence: Keep your RPM steady during a cycle class.

28. Rehydration

Definition: Restoring lost water to the body.

Sentence: Post-workout rehydration is essential for recovery.

29. Resilience

Definition: Ability to recover quickly from difficulties.

Sentence: Mental resilience is crucial in long workouts.

30. Rating of Perceived Exertion

Definition: Subjective measure of workout intensity.

Sentence: Your rating of perceived exertion helps tailor workouts.

31. Reactive Training

Definition: Exercises focused on quick, reactive movements.

Sentence: Reactive training improves athletic performance.

32. Reciprocal Inhibition

Definition: Relaxing one muscle while contracting another.

Sentence: Reciprocal inhibition makes stretching more effective.

33. Re-feed

Definition: High-calorie meals during calorie restriction.

Sentence: A re-feed can break weight loss plateaus.

34. Regulation

Definition: Guidelines or rules in a sport or exercise.

Sentence: Understanding regulation ensures fair competition.

35. Repertoire

Definition: A range of exercises or skills.

Sentence: Increase your fitness repertoire for holistic health.

36. Rest-Pause

Definition: Brief rest between reps in a set.

Sentence: A rest pause can extend a set effectively.

37. Retraction

Definition: Pulling back a body part, typically the scapula.

Sentence: Scapular retraction is key in many lifts.

38. Retrogression

Definition: A backward step in fitness progress.

Sentence: Avoid retrogression through consistent exercise.

39. Routine

Definition: A fixed set of exercises.

Sentence: A balanced routine includes cardio and weights.

40. Roundhouse Kick

Definition: A kick where the leg is swung in an arc.

Sentence: A roundhouse kick is often used in martial arts.

41. Rubdown

Definition: Massaging muscles to aid recovery.

Sentence: A post-exercise rubdown can relieve muscle tension.

42. Rucking

Definition: Walking with a weighted backpack.

Sentence: Rucking combines cardio and strength training.

43. Rugby

Definition: A team sport with tackling and ball carrying.

Sentence: Rugby requires excellent cardiovascular fitness.

44. Runner’s Knee

Definition: A common overuse injury among runners.

Sentence: Proper shoes can minimize a runner’s knee symptoms.

45. Running Economy

Definition: Efficient use of energy while running.

Sentence: Improve your running economy through targeted exercises.

46. Range

Definition: The scope of motion or intensity in exercise.

Sentence: Increase your range for better overall performance.

47. Reversal

Definition: Changing direction or position during exercise.

Sentence: A sudden reversal can trick your opponent.

48. Rear Kick

Definition: A kick directed backward.

Sentence: The rear kick is effective in self-defense.

49. Rebounder

Definition: A small trampoline used for exercise.

Sentence: A rebounder can make cardio more fun.

50. Radiate

Definition: The outward spread of force or tension.

Sentence: During a stretch, you may radiate tension outward.

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