50 Fitness Words That Start With C

If you’re eager to expand your knowledge about fitness, you’ve come to the right place! Fitness encompasses a wide range of exercises, equipment, and terms that can sometimes be overwhelming. To make things easier, we’ve created a glossary focusing on fitness words for each letter of the alphabet. In this blog post, we’re covering the top 50 fitness words that start with the letter “C.” Let’s dive right in!

Fitness Words That Start With C

1. Cardio

Short Definition: Exercise that boosts heart rate.

Usage: Cardio is key for a healthy heart.

2. Calisthenics

Short Definition: Bodyweight exercises for strength.

Usage: Calisthenics can be done anywhere.

3. Core

Short Definition: Central muscles in the abdomen.

Usage: A strong core aids in balance.

4. Circuit Training

Short Definition: Rotating through different exercises.

Usage: Circuit training adds workout variety.

5. Crunches

Short Definition: Abdominal muscle exercise.

Usage: Crunches are a basic core move.

6. Crossfit

Short Definition: High-intensity, varied workout regime.

Usage: Crossfit combines weightlifting and cardio.

7. Cheat Meal

Short Definition: Occasional high-calorie meal.

Usage: A cheat meal can reset metabolism.

8. Creatine

Short Definition: Supplement for energy and strength.

Usage: Creatine is popular among lifters.

9. Cool Down

Short Definition: Lowering intensity post-workout.

Usage: A cool-down helps reduce soreness.

10. Carbohydrates

Short Definition: Main source of the body’s energy.

Usage: Carbohydrates are fuel for workouts.

11. Compound Movements

Short Definition: Exercises engaging multiple muscles.

Usage: Compound movements offer efficient workouts.

12. Calf Raises

Short Definition: Exercise targeting the calf muscles.

Usage: Calf raises can be done anywhere.

13. Clean and Jerk

Short Definition: Olympic weightlifting technique.

Usage: The clean and jerk tests full-body strength.

14. Collagen

Short Definition: Protein for skin, hair, and joints.

Usage: Collagen supplements aid recovery.

15. Conditioning

Short Definition: Overall physical fitness and stamina.

Usage: Conditioning is more than just cardio.

16. Compression Gear

Short Definition: Tight clothing for muscle support.

Usage: Compression gear can improve performance.

17. Curls

Short Definition: Bicep-focused lifting exercise.

Usage: Curls help build arm definition.

18. Chin-Up

Short Definition: Pull-up variant with an underhand grip.

Usage: Chin-ups work for different muscle groups.

19. Clap Push-Up

Short Definition: Push-up with a hand clap in between.

Usage: Clap push-ups build explosive strength.

20. Cycling

Short Definition: Exercise on a stationary or moving bike.

Usage: Cycling is a great low-impact cardio option.

21. Caloric Deficit

Short Definition: Burning more calories than consumed.

Usage: A caloric deficit leads to weight loss.

22. Carve

Short Definition: To shape muscles through exercise.

Usage: I aim to carve my abs.

23. Cadence

Short Definition: Rhythm or speed in cycling or running.

Usage: Maintaining a steady cadence is crucial.

24. Cross-Training

Short Definition: Mixing different types of workouts.

Usage: Cross-training prevents exercise boredom.

25. Catabolism

Short Definition: Muscle breakdown during exercise.

Usage: Catabolism happens without proper nutrition.

26. Cardiovascular

Short Definition: Pertaining to the heart and blood vessels.

Usage: Cardiovascular health is exercise’s key benefit.

27. Caloric Intake

Short Definition: Number of calories consumed.

Usage: Tracking caloric intake aids in weight management.

28. Casein

Short Definition: Slow-digesting protein source.

Usage: Casein is often consumed before bed.

29. Cable Machine

Short Definition: Gym equipment with pulleys and weights.

Usage: A cable machine offers versatile workouts.

30. Core Stability

Short Definition: Strength and balance in the midsection.

Usage: Core stability is essential for athletes.

31. Chest Press

Short Definition: Upper body exercise targeting the chest.

Usage: The chest press uses dumbbells or a barbell.

32. Calorie Burning

Short Definition: Process of expending energy in workouts.

Usage: Calorie burning is higher in intense workouts.

33. Cutting

Short Definition: Reducing body fat while preserving muscle.

Usage: Cutting often follows a bulking phase.

34. Clydesdale

Short Definition: Heavyweight category in endurance sports.

Usage: Clydesdale categories are for heavier athletes.

35. Concentric

Short Definition: Muscle shortening phase of an exercise.

Usage: In a squat, standing up is concentric.

36. Cheat Day

Short Definition: Day off from a strict diet.

Usage: A cheat day offers a mental break.

37. Clean Eating

Short Definition: Diet focused on whole, natural foods.

Usage: Clean eating supports fitness goals.

38. Callisthenics

Short Definition: Bodyweight-based strength training.

Usage: Callisthenics require minimal equipment.

39. Compound Exercise

Short Definition: Exercise using multiple muscle groups.

Usage: Deadlifts are a compound exercise.

40. Cardio Kickboxing

Short Definition: Aerobic workout with boxing moves.

Usage: Cardio kickboxing is a fun fat burner.

41. Core Training

Short Definition: Workouts specifically for the abdomen.

Usage: Core training is vital for athletes.

42. Circular Training

Short Definition: Rotation of different exercise stations.

Usage: Circular training offers a full-body workout.

43. Crunch

Short Definition: Exercise targeting abdominal muscles.

Usage: Crunches are staple core exercises.

44. Cheat Reps

Short Definition: Using momentum for additional reps.

Usage: Cheat reps should be used cautiously.

45. Circuit

Short Definition: Series of exercises done consecutively.

Usage: A circuit usually has little rest in between.

46. Contraction

Short Definition: Tightening of a muscle during exercise.

Usage: Muscle contraction happens during lifting.

47. Creatine Phosphate

Short Definition: Stored energy for high-intensity work.

Usage: Creatine phosphate aids in sprinting.

48. Closed Chain Exercise

Short Definition: Limbs remain in constant contact.

Usage: Squats are a closed-chain exercise.

49. Caffeine

Short Definition: Stimulant that boosts energy levels.

Usage: Caffeine is common in pre-workouts.

50. Carotenoids

Short Definition: Plant pigments with antioxidant benefits.

Usage: Carotenoids are found in colorful vegetables.

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