50+ Fitness Words That Start With P

When you walk into a gym or scroll through fitness apps, you’re often bombarded with exercise lingo that can seem like a foreign language. Knowing the jargon not only helps you navigate workouts but also empowers your fitness journey. Today, we’re focusing on essential fitness words that start with the letter “P”.

Fitness Words That Start With P

1. Plank

Definition: A core exercise maintaining a push-up-like position.

Hold a plank for 30 seconds to tighten your abs.

2. Plyometrics

Definition: Exercises that involve rapid stretching and contracting muscles.

Add plyometrics to improve your jump height in basketball.

3. Protein

Definition: An essential nutrient for muscle repair and growth.

Eating protein after a workout speeds up recovery.

4. Pilates

Definition: A fitness system that improves flexibility and strength.

Include Pilates for better balance and core stability.

5. Push-up

Definition: A common bodyweight exercise that targets chest muscles.

Perform 20 push-ups to improve your upper body strength.

6. Pulse

Definition: The rate at which your heart beats per minute.

Your pulse is a key indicator of cardiovascular health.

7. Pedometer

Definition: Device that counts the number of steps taken.

With a pedometer, monitor your daily physical activity.

8. Pull-up

Definition: An upper-body exercise using a horizontal bar.

Incorporate pull-ups into your workout for back strength.

9. Powerlifting

Definition: A strength sport involving squat, bench, and deadlift.

Powerlifting routines can greatly increase your strength.

10. Progression

Definition: Gradual increase in workout intensity or volume.

A balanced progression reduces the risk of injury.

11. Pranayama

Definition: Breathing techniques used in yoga.

Pranayama exercises can reduce stress and enhance focus.

12. Pacing

Definition: Managing speed in cardiovascular workouts.

Good pacing will help you finish a long-distance run.

13. Palpitations

Definition: Abnormally rapid heartbeats.

If you experience palpitations, consult a healthcare professional.

14. Plyo Box

Definition: A box used for plyometric jump exercises.

A plyo box adds variety to leg training exercises.

15. Parallettes

Definition: Small gymnastic devices for upper-body workouts.

Parallettes are good for push-ups and dip variations.

16. Psoas

Definition: A muscle connecting the spine to the lower limbs.

A tight psoas can result in lower back pain.

17. PNF Stretching

Definition: Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation used for stretching.

PNF stretching can greatly improve your flexibility.

18. Proprioception

Definition: The ability to sense body position and movement.

Proprioception is vital for balance and coordination.

19. Plateau

Definition: A period where progress seems to stall.

Breaking a plateau often requires changing your routine.

20. Peptides

Definition: Short chains of amino acids.

Peptides can assist in muscle recovery and growth.

21. Perseverance

Definition: The quality of persisting in a task or goal.

Your perseverance in the gym will bring long-term results.

22. Plié

Definition: A ballet move that’s used in fitness for leg work.

A plié is effective for targeting your inner thighs.

23. Pyramid Training

Definition: Weightlifting technique involving weight and rep changes.

Use pyramid training to push past your lifting limits.

24. Pre-workout

Definition: Supplement to boost energy before exercising.

Taking a pre-workout can elevate your gym performance.

25. Post-workout

Definition: Period after exercising, crucial for recovery.

A post-workout shake helps replenish lost nutrients.

26. Pronation

Definition: Inward roll of the foot during a step.

Avoid excessive pronation to reduce injury risks.

27. Plyo Push-up

Definition: A push-up involving a jumping element.

Add plyo push-ups for explosive upper-body strength.

28. Pecs

Definition: Short for pectoral muscles in the chest.

Work on your pecs for a broad-chested appearance.

29. Periodization

Definition: Structured training cycles to improve performance.

Periodization helps to prevent overtraining and burnout.

30. Peloton

Definition: Brand specializing in home exercise equipment.

A Peloton bike can bring the spin class to you.

31. Physique

Definition: The form or structure of one’s body.

A balanced diet improves your physique significantly.

32. Plyo Squat

Definition: A squat jump for explosive leg strength.

Incorporate plyo squats into leg day for variety.

33. Prowler Push

Definition: Sled push exercise for lower body strength.

A prowler push can be a brutal leg workout.

34. Passive Stretch

Definition: Stretching aided by an external force or object.

A passive stretch can improve your range of motion.

35. Press

Definition: Lifting weight from the shoulders upwards.

A shoulder press helps with upper-body development.

36. Pallof Press

Definition: Anti-rotational exercise to work the core.

The Pallof press is a subtle but effective core move.

37. Paradoxical Breathing

Definition: Abnormal breathing pattern, often stress-induced.

Practice diaphragmatic breathing to fix paradoxical breathing.

38. Pin Loaded Machines

Definition: Weight machines with a selectable pin for resistance.

Pin-loaded machines are user-friendly for beginners.

39. Peak Heart Rate

Definition: Maximum number of heartbeats per minute.

Reaching your peak heart rate boosts cardiovascular fitness.

40. Prehab

Definition: Exercises to prevent potential injuries.

Incorporate prehab to minimize future injury risk.

41. Pistols

Definition: Single-leg squats that require balance.

Incorporate pistols for unilateral leg strength.

42. Pull

Definition: The act of drawing weight towards you.

A lat pull targets the upper back effectively.

43. Pulsing

Definition: Small, quick movements in various exercises.

Adding pulsing in squats increases muscle tension.

44. Power Yoga

Definition: A faster, high-intensity style of yoga.

Power yoga offers both stretching and calorie-burning.

45. Pump

Definition: Temporary muscle enlargement from blood flow.

Getting a pump is a sign of a good workout.

46. Pec Fly

Definition: Exercise to isolate the pectoral muscles.

A pec fly can add a definition to your chest.

47. Pause Reps

Definition: Pausing briefly during a repetition.

Use pause reps to bust through strength plateaus.

48. Pronated Grip

Definition: Grip with palms facing away from you.

A pronated grip can be tougher on the wrists.

49. Par-Q

Definition: Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for health assessment.

Fill out a Par-Q before starting any fitness regimen.

50. Pelvic Tilt

Definition: Movement of the pelvis in different directions.

A posterior pelvic tilt can alleviate some back issues.

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