50 Fitness Words That Start With N

Staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing journey. In this journey, it’s essential to understand various fitness terms and jargon that you might encounter in the gym, during a workout session, or while discussing your health with a fitness expert. Continuing with our series, let’s dive into fitness words that begin with the letter “N.”

Fitness Words That Start With N

1. Nutrition

Short Definition: The science of food and its impact on health.

Usage: Proper nutrition is crucial for optimal health.

2. Neutral Spine

Short Definition: Maintaining natural spine curvature during exercise.

Usage: Keeping a neutral spine prevents back injuries.

3. Nitric Oxide

Short Definition: A molecule aiding in muscle relaxation and blood flow.

Usage: Nitric oxide supplements boost workout performance.

4. Neuromuscular

Short Definition: Relating to both nerves and muscles.

Usage: Neuromuscular coordination is essential for complex exercises.

5. Nasm

Short Definition: National Academy of Sports Medicine, a certifying organization.

Usage: Nasm provides valuable fitness education and certification.

6. Natural Lifters

Short Definition: Athletes who don’t use performance-enhancing substances.

Usage: Natural lifters focus on diet and training for gains.

7. Negative Reps

Short Definition: Focusing on the lowering phase of an exercise.

Usage: Negative reps help in muscle growth and strength.

8. Norepinephrine

Short Definition: A hormone that helps in stress response.

Usage: Exercise releases norepinephrine, improving mood.

9. Non-Linear Periodization

Short Definition: Varying workout intensity and volume over time.

Usage: Non-linear periodization prevents workout stagnation.

10. Nutrient Timing

Short Definition: Consuming specific nutrients around workouts.

Usage: Nutrient timing can optimize recovery and growth.

11. Noob Gain

Short Definition: Quick initial muscle and strength gains in new exercisers.

Usage: Enjoy your noob gain but remember, consistency is key.

12. Navel to Spine

Short Definition: Activating core by pulling the navel inward.

Usage: Navel to spine helps engage the core during Pilates.

13. Niacin

Short Definition: A B-Vitamin is important for converting food into energy.

Usage: Athletes often take niacin for better energy levels.

14. Nutraceutical

Short Definition: Products derived from food sources with extra health benefits.

Usage: Some athletes use nutraceuticals to supplement their diets.

15. Net Calories

Short Definition: Total calories consumed minus calories burned.

Usage: Keep track of net calories for effective weight management.

16. Noncebo Effect

Short Definition: A negative effect due to a belief in the ineffectiveness of a treatment.

Usage: The noncebo effect can hinder recovery and performance.

17. Neuromotor

Short Definition: Relating to the motor functions controlled by the nervous system.

Usage: Neuromotor training enhances your movement precision.

18. Nervous System

Short Definition: Network of nerve cells controlling body functions.

Usage: Stress can affect the nervous system and workout recovery.

19. Nitrogen Balance

Short Definition: The difference between nitrogen intake and loss.

Usage: A positive nitrogen balance is essential for muscle growth.

20. Nasal Breathing

Short Definition: Inhaling and exhaling through the nose.

Usage: Nasal breathing can improve your exercise efficiency.

21. Nutrient Density

Short Definition: Amount of nutrients per calorie in food.

Usage: Foods with high nutrient density offer better health benefits.

22. Nanograms

Short Definition: A unit to measure small quantities, often of hormones.

Usage: The hormone levels are usually measured in nanograms.

23. Notch

Short Definition: A setting or level on a piece of fitness equipment.

Usage: Adjust the notch to increase resistance on the bike.

24. Numb

Short Definition: Loss of feeling, often due to cold or lack of movement.

Usage: Avoid letting your feet go numb during long runs.

25. Newton

Short Definition: Unit of force in the metric system.

Usage: Understanding Newton forces can aid in biomechanical studies.

26. Non-linear Periodization

Short Definition: Varying training variables in a non-sequential manner.

Usage: Non-linear periodization can help prevent workout plateaus.

27. Neuromuscular

Short Definition: Relating to both muscles and the nervous system.

Usage: Neuromuscular coordination is crucial in complex movements.

28. Nutrient Timing

Short Definition: Scheduling nutrient intake around workouts.

Usage: Nutrient timing can maximize muscle repair and growth.

29. Natural Lifters

Short Definition: Individuals who build muscle without using steroids.

Usage: Natural lifters often have to be more patient for gains.

30. Norepinephrine

Short Definition: Hormone that prepares the body for action.

Usage: Norepinephrine levels rise during intense workouts.

31. Nocturnal

Short Definition: Occurring or active during the nighttime.

Usage: Nocturnal workouts may disrupt your sleep cycle.

32. Nucleus

Short Definition: Central part of a cell where DNA is stored.

Usage: The nucleus of muscle cells is critical for muscle repair.

33. Nitric Oxide

Short Definition: Gas that improves blood flow to muscles.

Usage: Nitric oxide supplements are popular among bodybuilders.

34. Normoxic

Short Definition: Having a normal level of oxygen.

Usage: Normoxic conditions are ideal for most types of training.

35. Neutral Spine

Short Definition: Keeping the spine in a balanced, straight position.

Usage: Maintaining a neutral spine is crucial for lifting safety.

36. Nausea

Short Definition: Feeling of sickness with an inclination to vomit.

Usage: Overtraining can sometimes lead to nausea.

37. Neck Press

Short Definition: Weightlifting moves to focus on the shoulders.

Usage: The neck press should be performed with caution.

38. Negatives

Short Definition: Lifting phase where muscles lengthen under load.

Usage: Focusing on negatives can enhance muscle growth.

39. Numbness

Short Definition: Lack of sensation in a body part.

Usage: Numbness in limbs should not be ignored during exercise.

40. Neurotransmitter

Short Definition: Chemicals that transmit signals in the nervous system.

Usage: Dopamine is a neurotransmitter affecting mood and motivation.

41. Nitrate

Short Definition: Compound found in beetroot, improves blood flow.

Usage: Nitrate supplements are popular for improving endurance.

42. Normalization

Short Definition: Adjusting data for meaningful comparison.

Usage: Normalization helps in comparing athletes’ performance.

43. Nutritionist

Short Definition: Professionally trained in diet and nutrition.

Usage: A nutritionist can tailor a diet for your fitness goals.

44. Napping

Short Definition: Short period of sleep, usually during the day.

Usage: Napping can help in recovery after an intense workout.


Short Definition: Molecules play a crucial role in energy metabolism.

Usage: NADPH is essential for many biochemical reactions.

46. Nautilus

Short Definition: Brand of gym equipment, often resistance machines.

Usage: The Nautilus machines are excellent for isolated workouts.

47. Nutrient Partitioning

Short Definition: How the body uses nutrients in different ways.

Usage: Nutrient partitioning affects fat storage and muscle growth.

48. Nordic Walking

Short Definition: Walking with poles to engage upper body muscles.

Usage: Nordic walking provides a full-body aerobic workout.

49. Nutrient Absorption

Short Definition: Process by which nutrients enter the bloodstream.

Usage: Nutrient absorption is crucial for effective recovery.

50. Non-Invasive

Short Definition: Procedures that don’t penetrate the body.

Usage: Non-invasive methods can also evaluate fitness levels.

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