50 Fitness Words That Start With K

Kickstart your fitness journey with the right terminology! Knowing the right words can make your gym or workout sessions more effective and enjoyable. Whether it’s kettlebells, kickboxing, or kinesiology, understanding fitness lingo helps you make the most of your exercise routine. Let’s dive into the world of fitness words that start with the letter ‘K’.

Fitness Words That Start With K

1. Kettlebell

Short Definition: A weight resembling a cannonball with a handle.

Usage: The kettlebell swing is a fantastic full-body exercise.

2. Kickboxing

Short Definition: A martial art incorporating kicks and punches.

Usage: He added kickboxing to his fitness routine for variety.

3. Kinetic Energy

Short Definition: Energy that a body possesses due to motion.

Usage: Understanding kinetic energy can improve your sports performance.

4. Kinesiology

Short Definition: The study of human movement and body function.

Usage: She took up kinesiology to better understand athletic performance.

5. Karate

Short Definition: A Japanese martial art focusing on strikes.

Usage: Learning karate helped him gain both strength and discipline.

6. Kip Up

Short Definition: A move from a supine position to a standing one.

Usage: The gymnast performed a flawless kip-up.

7. Kayaking

Short Definition: A water sport using a kayak for navigation.

Usage: Kayaking is her go-to weekend cardio exercise.

8. Keto Diet

Short Definition: A diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates.

Usage: Athletes sometimes follow a keto diet for rapid weight loss.

9. Kinesthesia

Short Definition: Awareness of the position and movements of body parts.

Usage: Good kinesthesia is crucial for ballet dancers.

10. Knockout

Short Definition: Defeating an opponent in boxing by rendering them unconscious.

Usage: The boxer achieved a knockout in the third round.

11. Knee Drive

Short Definition: A movement where the knee is lifted towards the chest.

Usage: Use a knee drive to engage your core while running.

12. Kegel Exercise

Short Definition: Exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

Usage: She started doing Kegel exercises post-childbirth for muscle tone.

13. Krav Maga

Short Definition: A martial art focused on real-world self-defense.

Usage: He took up Krav Maga for practical defensive skills.

14. Kickstand

Short Definition: A small prop to support a bike when stationary.

Usage: Always put down the kickstand before dismounting your bike.

15. Kipping

Short Definition: A swing-like motion to aid in exercises like pull-ups.

Usage: Some CrossFitters use kipping for momentum in pull-ups.

16. Knots

Short Definition: Tight areas in muscle tissue; often require massage.

Usage: She used a foam roller to release knots in her back.

17. Knee Sleeve

Short Definition: Protective covering worn for knee joint support.

Usage: He wore a knee sleeve during the squat session.

18. Kneeling Push-up

Short Definition: A beginner-level push-up done while kneeling.

Usage: Beginners often start with kneeling push-ups for basic strength.

19. Kipping Pull-up

Short Definition: A pull-up variation using leg momentum.

Usage: The kipping pull-up is often seen in CrossFit workouts.

20. Kickback

Short Definition: An exercise targeting the triceps or glutes.

Usage: She included tricep kickbacks in her upper body routine.

21. Karaoke

Short Definition: Lateral footwork drill in sports and agility training.

Usage: The coach included karaoke drills for soccer practice.

22. Kip

Short Definition: Gymnastics move to transition from below to above the bar.

Usage: Mastering the kip is essential for competitive gymnasts.

23. Knurling

Short Definition: Textured areas on a barbell for grip enhancement.

Usage: Look for knurling on the barbell for a better grip.

24. Kali

Short Definition: A Filipino martial art using sticks and knives.

Usage: Practicing Kali improved his hand-eye coordination.

25. Knee Walk

Short Definition: An exercise done by walking on your knees.

Usage: Knee walks can help strengthen your leg muscles.

26. Kick

Short Definition: A leg movement used in various sports and martial arts.

Usage: He improved his swimming by focusing on his kick.

27. Kilocalorie

Short Definition: A unit of energy often used in the context of food.

Usage: He burned 500 kilocalories during his workout.

28. Kinetic Chain

Short Definition: The interconnected groups of body segments.

Usage: Understanding the kinetic chain can improve exercise efficiency.

29. Knees-to-Elbows

Short Definition: An ab exercise where knees touch the elbows.

Usage: Knees-to-elbows is great for core strengthening.

30. Kegel Ball

Short Definition: A weighted ball to enhance Kegel exercises.

Usage: She used a Kegel ball to make her exercises more challenging.

31. Kyphosis

Short Definition: Excessive outward spinal curve; often requires correction.

Usage: Pilates can help correct mild kyphosis over time.

32. Kick Start

Short Definition: To begin or jump-start a fitness routine.

Usage: The new diet really helped her kick-start her fitness journey.

33. Knockdown

Short Definition: In boxing, a fighter is knocked but not out.

Usage: The boxer scored a knockdown but couldn’t secure a knockout.

34. Kinetic Linking

Short Definition: Transferring energy across body parts for motion.

Usage: Kinetic linking is crucial in sports like baseball.

35. Knee Strike

Short Definition: A powerful knee-driven attack in martial arts.

Usage: In Muay Thai, a knee strike can be a match-ending move.

36. Kendo

Short Definition: A modern martial art of sword-fighting.

Usage: Practicing kendo helped him build focus and discipline.

37. Kapalbhati

Short Definition: A yogic breathing technique for purification.

Usage: She performed kapalbhati to cleanse her respiratory system.

38. Kick Plate

Short Definition: A device used in plyometric exercises for foot speed.

Usage: He used a kick plate to improve his agility.

39. Kneepads

Short Definition: Protective gear worn to safeguard the knees.

Usage: During volleyball, always wear kneepads for safety.

40. Kinesio Tape

Short Definition: An elastic tape used for muscle and joint support.

Usage: Many athletes use Kinesio tape to reduce muscle strain.

41. Keep Fit

Short Definition: A general term for maintaining physical health.

Usage: It’s important to keep fit even as you age.

42. King Pigeon Pose

Short Definition: A yoga pose aimed at stretching and balance.

Usage: The King Pigeon Pose greatly improves flexibility.

43. Knockout Punch

Short Definition: A punch powerful enough to knock an opponent out.

Usage: The boxer’s knockout punch was truly a sight to see.

44. Kinematics

Short Definition: Study of motion without regard to its causes.

Usage: Kinematics can help understand the biomechanics of running.

45. Kickstand Crunch

Short Definition: A crunch variation that targets oblique muscles.

Usage: He included kickstand crunches in his core workout.

46. Ketoacidosis

Short Definition: A severe condition from extremely low insulin.

Usage: Ketoacidosis is a concern for diabetics on keto diets.

47. Kneel

Short Definition: To go into or remain in a kneeling position.

Usage: To stretch the quads, kneel and touch your heels.

48. Kinetic Training

Short Definition: Training focusing on movement and energy.

Usage: Kinetic training helps athletes optimize their performance.

49. Kickflip

Short Definition: A skateboard trick that involves spinning the board.

Usage: Mastering the kickflip took him several weeks of practice.

50. Kick Scooter

Short Definition: A scooter propelled by pushing off the ground.

Usage: Using a kick scooter can be a fun way to stay active.

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