50 Fitness Words That Start With A

Welcome to the ultimate glossary for fitness enthusiasts! Whether you’re a gym junkie, a weekend warrior, or just starting your fitness journey, understanding the lingo is key. From exercise routines to gym equipment, we’ve compiled a list to help you navigate the language of fitness with ease.

Fitness Words That Start With A

1. Aerobic

Short Definition: Exercise that involves continuous oxygen intake.

Usage: Aerobic workouts can improve your cardiovascular health.

2. Agility

Short Definition: Ability to move quickly and easily.

Usage: Practicing ladder drills improves your agility.

3. Anaerobic

Short Definition: Exercise without continuous oxygen intake.

Usage: Sprinting is a form of anaerobic exercise.

4. Abduction

Short Definition: Moving a limb away from the midline.

Usage: Hip abduction is good for your glutes.

5. Adduction

Short Definition: Moving a limb toward the midline.

Usage: Hip adduction exercises target the inner thighs.

6. Asana

Short Definition: A physical yoga posture.

Usage: The mountain asana is great for posture.

7. Amino Acids

Short Definition: Building blocks of protein.

Usage: Amino acids aid muscle recovery.

8. Altitude Training

Short Definition: Training at higher elevations.

Usage: Altitude training increases red blood cells.

9. Atrophy

Short Definition: Reduction of muscle size.

Usage: Muscle atrophy occurs from lack of use.

10. Abdominals

Short Definition: Stomach muscles.

Usage: Strong abdominals support your back.

11. Ankle Weights

Short Definition: Weights attached to ankles.

Usage: Ankle weights intensify leg workouts.

12. Arm Curl

Short Definition: Bicep muscle contraction exercise.

Usage: An arm curl tones your upper arm.

13. Active Recovery

Short Definition: Light activity during rest period.

Usage: Active recovery helps to clear lactic acid.

14. Antioxidants

Short Definition: Substances that inhibit oxidation.

Usage: Antioxidants are great for post-workout recovery.

15. Aerobics Class

Short Definition: Group aerobic exercise session.

Usage: Join an aerobics class for a fun workout.

16. Ashtanga

Short Definition: A rigorous style of yoga.

Usage: Ashtanga yoga boosts strength and flexibility.

17. Alignment

Short Definition: Proper positioning of body parts.

Usage: Proper alignment prevents injury.

18. Arch

Short Definition: Curved shape of the foot or back.

Usage: A high arch can affect your gait.

19. Amplitude

Short Definition: Range of motion in a movement.

Usage: Increase the amplitude for a harder workout.

20. Anaerobic Threshold

Short Definition: The limit of anaerobic exercise.

Usage: Train near the anaerobic threshold for best results.

21. Adrenaline

Short Definition: Hormone that prepares the body for action.

Usage: Adrenaline surges during intense workouts.

22. Aerobic Capacity

Short Definition: Max rate of oxygen consumption.

Usage: Improving aerobic capacity enhances endurance.

23. Anabolic

Short Definition: Muscle-building physiological process.

Usage: Weightlifting is an anabolic activity.

24. Angled Press

Short Definition: Overhead pressing at an angle.

Usage: The angled press targets different muscles.

25. ATP

Short Definition: Energy currency of the cell.

Usage: ATP is crucial for muscle contractions.

26. Assisted Dip

Short Definition: Modified tricep dip with assistance.

Usage: An assisted dip helps beginners build strength.

27. Activation

Short Definition: Engaging a muscle group.

Usage: Core activation is key in Pilates.

28. Adjustable Dumbbell

Short Definition: Dumbbell with removable plates.

Usage: An adjustable dumbbell saves gym space.

29. All-out

Short Definition: Maximum effort given.

Usage: Going all-out improves high-intensity training.

30. Agility Ladder

Short Definition: Equipment for agility training.

Usage: The agility ladder sharpens your reflexes.

31. Alternating Lunges

Short Definition: Lunges done in an alternating manner.

Usage: Alternating lunges activate leg muscles.

32. Anaerobic Respiration

Short Definition: Energy production without oxygen.

Usage: Anaerobic respiration fuels short bursts.

33. Antagonist Muscle

Short Definition: Muscle opposite the one contracting.

Usage: The antagonist muscle relaxes during flexing.

34. Aqua Aerobics

Short Definition: Aerobics in a swimming pool.

Usage: Aqua aerobics is easy on the joints.

35. Arched Back

Short Definition: Back curved during an exercise.

Usage: An arched back can signify poor form.

36. Aromatherapy

Short Definition: Use of essential oils for wellness.

Usage: Aromatherapy helps in relaxation post-workout.

37. Athlete’s Foot

Short Definition: Fungal infection of the foot.

Usage: Prevent athlete’s foot by drying feet well.

38. Auto-Regulation

Short Definition: Self-adjustment of workout intensity.

Usage: Auto-regulation lets you listen to your body.

39. Ab Rollout

Short Definition: Core exercise using an ab wheel.

Usage: The ab rollout challenges your stabilizers.

40. Accentuated Eccentric

Short Definition: Focusing on the lowering phase.

Usage: An accentuated eccentric targets muscle fibers.

41. Active Stretch

Short Definition: Stretch involving muscle activation.

Usage: An active stretch can improve flexibility.

42. Ankle Strap

Short Definition: Strap used in lower body exercises.

Usage: An ankle strap adds resistance in leg curls.

43. Asymmetrical Load

Short Definition: Unequal weight on either side.

Usage: An asymmetrical load trains your balance.

44. Auxotonic

Short Definition: Varying tension in a muscle.

Usage: Auxotonic exercises add variability.

45. Aerobic Dance

Short Definition: Dance-focused aerobic exercise.

Usage: Aerobic dance offers a rhythmic workout.

46. Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs)

Short Definition: Harmful compounds from processed food.

Usage: Lower AGEs by eating whole foods.

47. Ab Crunch

Short Definition: Exercise targeting the abdominal muscles.

Usage: An ab crunch helps sculpt your core.

48. Ankle Lock

Short Definition: Securing ankles in specific machines.

Usage: The ankle lock stabilizes you during leg raises.

49. Aikido

Short Definition: A Japanese form of self-defense.

Usage: Aikido incorporates fluid, circular movements.

50. Accidental Exercise

Short Definition: Unplanned physical activity.

Usage: Walking the dog is accidental exercise.

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