50 Fitness Words That Start With B

Welcome to our guide that’s designed to boost your fitness vocabulary! Whether you’re a gym enthusiast, a workout novice, or someone simply interested in learning more about physical fitness, this post is a must-read for you. Today, we’re focusing on the top 50 fitness-related words that start with the letter “B.” Ready to beef up your lexicon? Let’s get started!

Fitness Words That Start With B

1. Barbell

Short Definition: Long metal bar for weightlifting.

Usage: A barbell is essential for deadlifts.

2. Burpee

Short Definition: Full-body exercise involving a squat and jump.

Usage: Burpees are great for cardio conditioning.

3. Biceps

Short Definition: Muscles on the front upper arm.

Usage: Curling focuses on your biceps.

4. Bench Press

Short Definition: Upper body exercise using a bench.

Usage: The bench press targets your chest.

5. Bodyweight

Short Definition: Using your own weight for exercise.

Usage: Push-ups are a bodyweight exercise.

6. Balance

Short Definition: Equilibrium and stability during movements.

Usage: Yoga improves your balance.

7. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Short Definition: Calories burned at rest.

Usage: Knowing your BMR helps in weight management.

8. Bosu Ball

Short Definition: Half-ball for stability exercises.

Usage: A Bosu Ball enhances core workouts.

9. Body Composition

Short Definition: Fat, muscle, and water percentages.

Usage: Body composition is better than scale weight.

10. Body Mass Index (BMI)

Short Definition: Weight-to-height ratio.

Usage: BMI can be misleading for athletes.

11. Boxing

Short Definition: Combat sport and cardio workout.

Usage: Boxing is excellent for stress relief.

12. Bulgarian Split Squat

Short Definition: One-legged squat with rear foot elevated.

Usage: Bulgarian split squats target the quads.

13. Brisk Walking

Short Definition: Fast-paced walking for exercise.

Usage: Brisk walking is easy yet effective.

14. Back Extension

Short Definition: Exercise targeting the lower back.

Usage: Back extensions help improve posture.

15. Battle Ropes

Short Definition: Thick ropes for wave-making exercises.

Usage: Battle ropes offer full-body workouts.

16. Breathing Technique

Short Definition: Pattern of inhaling and exhaling during exercise.

Usage: Proper breathing technique aids performance.

17. Ballistic Stretching

Short Definition: Rapid bouncing movements for stretching.

Usage: Ballistic stretching is generally not recommended.

18. Biomechanics

Short Definition: Study of movement and forces in the body.

Usage: Biomechanics help optimize exercise form.

19. Barre

Short Definition: Ballet-inspired fitness class.

Usage: Barre classes focus on small movements.

20. Bicycling

Short Definition: Riding a bike for exercise.

Usage: Bicycling is a low-impact cardio option.

21. Binge Eating

Short Definition: Excessive food consumption at once.

Usage: Binge eating can derail fitness goals.

22. Blood Flow Restriction

Short Definition: Limiting blood flow during exercise.

Usage: Blood flow restriction boosts muscle growth.

23. BCAA

Short Definition: Branched-chain amino acids supplement.

Usage: BCAAs can aid muscle recovery.

24. Boot Camp

Short Definition: Military-style group fitness class.

Usage: Boot camps offer high-intensity workouts.

25. Bulgarian Bag

Short Definition: Crescent-shaped weighted bag.

Usage: The Bulgarian Bag is versatile for training.

26. BOSU

Short Definition: Both Sides Up the ball for balance.

Usage: BOSU exercises enhance core strength.

27. Back Squat

Short Definition: Squat with barbell on the upper back.

Usage: The back squat is a leg day staple.

28. Bilateral Exercise

Short Definition: Using both sides of the body.

Usage: Deadlifts are a bilateral exercise.

29. Breakdancing

Short Definition: Dance form involving acrobatic moves.

Usage: Breakdancing offers a unique workout.

30. Bone Density

Short Definition: Measurement of bone strength.

Usage: Lifting weights can increase bone density.

31. Body Scan

Short Definition: Analyzing body composition in detail.

Usage: A body scan provides in-depth metrics.

32. Butterfly Stretch

Short Definition: Inner thigh stretch while seated.

Usage: The butterfly stretch opens up hips.

33. Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)

Short Definition: Protein promoting brain health.

Usage: Exercise increases levels of BDNF.

34. Bench Dip

Short Definition: Tricep exercise using a bench.

Usage: Bench dips are convenient and effective.

35. Bioavailability

Short Definition: Nutrient absorption rate.

Usage: Protein’s bioavailability can vary by source.

36. BMR Calculator

Short Definition: Tool to estimate basal metabolic rate.

Usage: A BMR calculator guides calorie intake.

37. Blender Bottle

Short Definition: Bottle designed for mixing supplements.

Usage: A blender bottle makes shakes on-the-go.

38. Bro Split

Short Definition: Workout splitting muscle groups.

Usage: A bro split can isolate muscle groups.

39. Ballet Fitness

Short Definition: Workout style using ballet moves.

Usage: Ballet fitness is graceful but tough.

40. Balance Board

Short Definition: Board for stability training.

Usage: A balance board improves core strength.

41. Bouldering

Short Definition: Rock climbing without ropes.

Usage: Bouldering challenges strength and focus.

42. Bent-over Row

Short Definition: Upper back exercise, leaning forward.

Usage: The bent-over row targets the lats.

43. Breathe Out

Short Definition: Exhaling during the hardest exercise phase.

Usage: Breathe out during the lifting phase.

44. Belt

Short Definition: Supportive garment for lower back.

Usage: A lifting belt helps in heavy squats.

45. Biking

Short Definition: Another term for cycling.

Usage: Biking is an effective cardio exercise.

46. Box Jumps

Short Definition: Jumping onto a box or platform.

Usage: Box jumps work on explosive power.

47. Backflip

Short Definition: Acrobatic move landing on the feet.

Usage: A backflip requires agility and strength.

48. Block Training

Short Definition: Periodized training in blocks.

Usage: Block training allows targeted focus.

49. Body Roll

Short Definition: Dance move involving undulating the body.

Usage: Body roll is both fun and physically demanding.

50. Breath Control

Short Definition: Managing breath during exercise.

Usage: Breath control is crucial in yoga.

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